OMHPS Premium Plastics Show - May/June 2021

Welcome to OMHPS's first Premium show! This show is only open to Premium members of the site, as one of the promised perks of helping support the cost of the site's upkeep. If you currently have Premium or buy a new Premium membership, you are able to join --- This is a show dedicated to OF plastic, such as Breyer, Stone Horses, or Copperfox. There are two divisions, Traditional OF Plastic and Mini OF Plastic. --- PRIZES! Digital prizes, including special premium trophies. Each division champion will receive a gift card to a model horse dealer. If in the US/Canada, the gift card will be for Triple Mountain Model Horses. If in the UK/EU, the gift card will be for MPV in Germany. Division Champions will receive a $25/20€ gift card and Division Reserves will receive a $10/10€ gift card. *NOTE: This particular show is not in any way sponsored by either of these companies. The prizes are being paid for solely by OMHPS and we find these companies to be reputable and well-trusted dealers.
-5 entries per class, per entrant. -Horses may only enter 1 class each. -No tack unless molded on. -Models must be in their original factory state without alterations (repairs not included).

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