Class British Ponies

British Ponies
OF Mini
OMHPS Premium Plastics Show - May/June 2021

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer, Original Finish Copperfox, Original Finish Plastic Other, Original Finish Stone

Competing breeds
Kerry Bog Pony, Eriskay Pony, Dales Pony, British Spotted Pony, Hackney Pony, Highland Pony, Connemara Pony, Fell Pony, Lundy Pony, Carneddau Pony, Exmoor Pony, British Riding Pony, New Forest Pony, Shetland Pony, Dartmoor Pony

Competing sizes
1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:32 Scale

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding


Premium requirement

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
OMH Kiss My Sass oceanic.modelhorses 2021-06-10
Cashew appaloosa 2021-06-10
Muffin Man Kayleysbreyers 2021-06-10
LOS Snowy Hagrid Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Silent Wood Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Book Keeper Little.Owl 2021-06-04
Long Cool Woman Pepperdall 2021-06-02
DBB Short Stuff ponyshort 2021-06-01
Blueberry gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Outlaw gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Samurai gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
SSR Strawberry Raindrop soaringskiesranch 2021-05-30
SSR Richard soaringskiesranch 2021-05-30
Double Trouble Chriswallbruch 2021-05-30
KD10 ALMOST GOT IT ARRAN DandiKandi 2021-05-28
Shed No Tears maciems 2021-05-27
Hope of it All maciems 2021-05-27
Life's a Peach maciems 2021-05-27
Master of Spin maciems 2021-05-27
Delphinia equinecltr 2021-05-26
Shadow modelhorselovee 2021-05-26
Twiggy Camilla 2021-05-25
Emma Camilla 2021-05-25
KD10 PEAT BOG DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 SERVICE PET DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 HANSEL DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 WILLOW UFGOOD DandiKandi 2021-05-24
Arran Seefeldstudio 2021-05-22
KEANU SundayStables 2021-05-22
FIREFLY SundayStables 2021-05-22
MIXER SundayStables 2021-05-22
PIPPINS SPOTLIGHT SundayStables 2021-05-22
Ghillie JylHunt 2021-05-21
I'll Have Another JylHunt 2021-05-21
GVS Maximum Credit GrandviewStables 2021-05-21
GVS Once Upon Another Time GrandviewStables 2021-05-21
Fancy Prance cassiem 2021-05-21
SHS Strawberry Fields megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Back in Black megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Thrashing in Brambles megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS A-Aron? megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
Autumn Mist sarahbscott 2021-05-20
Secret Dreams sarahbscott 2021-05-20
Hiraeth KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Ansel KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Espri TiMe 2021-05-20
Harmoni of Decorima TiMe 2021-05-20
Poetic Grace TiMe 2021-05-20
Celia TiMe 2021-05-20
Epson TiMe 2021-05-20
Rainy Day Champagnehorses 2021-05-20

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