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Online Model Horse Photo Shows (OMHPS) is a platform to photo show model horses on an online interface. Built from the ground up, this website will allow you to show your horses, keep track of their placings, host your own shows, and enjoy a fun, competitive environment. The competitions are open to model horses of any make and model including Breyer, Stone Horses, Schleich, CollectA, artist resins, customs, and china/porcelain.

Current Shows

MJM Workmanship Show

Registration open

Welcome to the MJM Workmanship Photo Show! This show has sections for OF Large, OF Small, OF Rubber, CM, and AR. Entry fee is £3 via Paypal only. Please see ‘Contact show host’ for payment details and please send your OMHPS username so I can add you to the entrants list. I will be designing digital printable placing cards (1st-6th and Champs) for this show, so please contact me once the show has concluded, and I will send the digital files for you to print!

Resister from 2024-06-10 12:00 to 2024-06-30 11:59

Spring into Summer Model Horse and Non-Equine Show!

Registration open

It's almost summer, and time for a fresh new show! Hosted and judged by CreatureComfort. This is a paid for show, with a small entry fee of $3. This show is for anyone and everyone, with a division for just about everything Halter! Including other animals! Being in a show this large means placing is even more rewarding! Good luck and enjoy the weather while you wait! Placings up to 5th for equines and 3rd for non equines!

Resister from 2024-05-27 12:00 to 2024-06-30 12:00

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Upcoming Shows

No shows here, please check back later!

Currently Judging Shows

The Cheapo Custom Challenge

Judging in progress

This show is for those models no judge looks twice at. Nobrand playset models, model railway micros, formerly popular toylines... now's their chance to shine! This is partly so I can practice show creation and judging, partly because I love the overlooked cheapies and hope this concept will become so popular more shows start popping up... Any weirdnesses in the class list, please let me know!

Resister from 2024-05-20 12:00 to 2024-06-16 12:00

Wormwood Studios' Longear Summer Skirmish

Judging in progress

A fun, free show for all Longears, Zebroids, Exotics and Wild-Type Horses (Extinct and Extant) for all makes and sizes! Please no modern-day Domestic-Feral horses (mustangs, brumbies, etc), they will be DQ'd if mistakenly entered. Extinct prehistoric horses can be entered under the breed 'Feral Horse'.

Resister from 2024-05-24 12:00 to 2024-06-15 12:00

Crescent Cove MHA Spring Show 2024

Judging in progress

This is the 9th edition of the discord group Crescent Cove Model Horses and Art's Quarterly photo shows! As usual, this show is 100% free of charge but is ONLY for members of CCMHA on Discord. New members are welcome as well, you can join by this link: https://discord.gg/xfzrejqyCg . For new members you will need to answer a few questions and select your roles to be fully in the group, then comment your OMHPS username in the “omhps-usernames” channel! If you aren’t seeing the option, you might need to select your roles first! If you have any questions contact me on Discord, Naomithewolf.

Resister from 2024-05-03 12:00 to 2024-06-08 12:00

Sunset Bash Model Photo Show

Judging in progress

This show is open to all makes and sizes of models, and even other animals. It is free to enter.

Resister from 2024-02-05 03:00 to 2024-02-19 12:00

Haven Horse Show

Judging in progress

Welcome to the first Haven Horse Show! A free for all model horse show for all OF Breyer and Stone models, judged by myself. Any kind of horse, be it Resin, China, ect, can enter performance. I may split the class at my discretion, either by gender or make, depending on the entries. (For example, all Stone Arabians together and all Breyer Arabians together.)

Resister from 2023-11-20 12:00 to 2023-11-26 11:59

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News & Events

News - March 1, 2024
Hello photo showers, and happy March! Believe it or not, but this month OMHPS turns three years old! Wow! We are so glad to have brought this platform to the hobby and that it's still going three years later. We are putting together a special birthday show to celebrate, so keep an eye out for that.

Here are some fun facts about OMHPS to see how far the site has come since it opened to the public in 2021:

  • There have been over 70,000 models uploaded to the site
  • More than 200 photo shows have been hosted and concluded
  • There are over 1,500 users on OMHPS - that's a lot of hobbyists!
We hope to continue hosting the site for years to come!

We will have news soon regarding a large update to OMHPS that has been in the works for some time. This update will include a big data migration process and will require a few hours of downtime, but we will be sure to share the date and time of this update in advance so everyone can be prepared for it. Keep an eye out for more information about this soon!

2024-03-01 by OMHPS

News - January 3, 2024
Hey, photo showers! Here we are in another year, and we're excited to go into 2024 with lots of photo showing and model horses. We hope everyone had pleasant holidays and are looking forward to what the new year brings!

To celebrate this theme of new beginnings, our bi-monthly site-hosted show is a scene show with two prompts: foal scenes and new riding scenes. From tender moments between mares and their foals to a brand new rider's first lesson, there are a lot of ways to interpret the prompts and we can't wait to see what creativity comes forward.

Additionally, there are a lot of user-hosted shows open for entries right now. We're so happy to see OMHPS consistently busy with photo showing and we thank all of you for continuing to use our platform!

That's all for now - happy photo showing, everyone!

2024-01-03 by OMHPS

News - December 12, 2023
Hey, photo showers! It's the last month of the year and the last month of another great year of photo showing on OMHPS. There are a few final shows for 2023, including festive holiday-themed shows, from our users. Most of them are free to join so get those entries in!

We've put up the decorations and want to wish everyone out there a happy holiday season, and we'll see you in the New Year for more model horse fun.

As always, happy photo showing, everyone!

2023-12-12 by OMHPS

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