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Online Model Horse Photo Shows (OMHPS) is a new platform to photo show model horses on an online interface. Built from the ground up, this website will allow you to show your horses, keep track of their placings, host your own shows, and enjoy a fun, competitive environment. The competitions are open to model horses of any make and model including Breyer, Stone Horses, Schleich, CollectA, artist resins, customs, and china/porcelain.

Current Shows

Shamrock Stables Fall Photo Show

Registration open

Hello and welcome! This is a FREE photo show, that anyone and everyone is welcome to join! This is my 1st photo show on this site, so please be patient with me as I learn the process:) I am judging and will judge to the best ability I can and I always try to be fair and just have fun! If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me! This show will only have two divisions, OF Breyer and OF Peter Stone!



Summer Fling Show

Registration open

End of summer show! With a small entry fee to help with costs of running a show! $4 entry fee!



American Stables Halter Show

Registration open

A free show for Breyer OF and CM.



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Upcoming Shows

Spooktacular Performance Only Show


This is a performance only show for OF and CM/AR Models. There will be 3 divisions. All photos must be of models you currently own. This is a chance to get all those performance models out and shown. Everybody is welcome and this is a FREE show. Placings 1st - 10th. This is my first show so no special prizes but hopefully next show. Uploading is almost a month so you can have time to take pix if needed.



Halloween Scene Show


Free scene show! All models welcome for some spooky fun. Mini rosettes will be sent to class winners and runners up.





Welcome to the Oktoberfest Model Horse PhotoShow hosted by German Model Hobbyists (check us out on FB :) ) This is a FREE photo show open to worldwide entrants and everyone is welcome to join! This is my 1st photoshow on this site, so please be patient with me as I learn the process. Welcome and have Fun!



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Top Standings

Official scoreboards coming soon!

News & Events

News - August 13, 2021
The image migration is done! We are also phasing out notifications for image approvals after today, so if you are nervous about not getting an approval notification for a new horse, do not worry! You will still get a notification if your image needs to be denied for some reason (which would only happen if your image was deemed inappropriate or very obviously not related to photo showing), but just assume no notification = your photo is good to go and enter away! Happy showing everyone :)

News - August 12, 2021
Quick update! We are doing a mass image migration to the new image system today, any images that haven't been moved yet will temporarily appear as Image Pending Approval. Once they are moved over they will go back to normal. If all goes to plan this will be over by tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Another tiny update - we moved horse descriptions to below the horse's main image, it just seemed to look nicer that way :) That is all!

News - August 3, 2021
Update time again! This update has a few key things, one of which is quite important. That being, horse approval has been changed. You do not need to wait for your horses to be approved before entering them into shows now - feel free to enter right away! Images will still be manually reviewed and before anyone else but you can view your image, it will show a temporary placeholder (you can still see your image, though). This should help people who have last-minute uploads and entries since you can still get them in without having to worry about them being approved.

The other update is in judging. Judges can now steward models into correct classes if they have been entered incorrectly if they choose to do so. They can also split classes in a few ways - so no more massive classes and no way to make them more manageable, phew! The ways to split a class include manually, alphabetically, by filter (such as gender, size, color, etc.), or randomly.

Finally, we have overhauled our image storage system in the back-end. Though this is not very noticeable yet, as all the images on the site are migrated to the new system, it should result in image loading being a lot faster. This will take some time to fully migrate everything, but it is worth it in the end. There are tens of thousands of images on the site, and this helps us allocate more server space to host them all indefinitely. As always, we are very appreciative of the Premium users who help us pay for the costs of the servers and hosting - without you, OMHPS would not be able to survive!

Happy showing!