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Online Model Horse Photo Shows (OMHPS) is a platform to photo show model horses on an online interface. Built from the ground up, this website will allow you to show your horses, keep track of their placings, host your own shows, and enjoy a fun, competitive environment. The competitions are open to model horses of any make and model including Breyer, Stone Horses, Schleich, CollectA, artist resins, customs, and china/porcelain.

Current Shows

Crescent Cove MHA Spring Photo Show 2023

Registration open

This is the 5th edition of the discord group Crescent Cove Model Horses and Art's Quarterly photo shows! As usual, this show is 100% free of charge but is ONLY for members of CCMHA on Discord. New members are welcome as well, you can join by this link: https://discord.gg/xfzrejqyCg . You have to be in the server to enter, the server is how I communicate with entrants. I'm also holding a fun giveaway on the server ;) (This banner was made by the amazing ArquencielFox!)

Resister from 2023-03-25 12:00 to 2023-04-29 12:00

Fantastical Equines Fun Show

Registration open

Bring out your deco and fantasy pieces for this fun show!

Resister from 2023-03-15 12:00 to 2023-04-15 11:59

Practice Show

Registration open

This is a free to enter show to let me get used to hosting on OMHPS prior to announcing an exciting new benefit show series, which I am assisting with, later this month — details to come.

Resister from 2023-03-11 12:00 to 2023-04-15 12:00

Equiden’s Celebration Show

Registration open

Hello everyone, welcome to my show! In celebration of my blog’s creation anniversary, I am hosting this free show! I will be posting updates on my blog, if you want to check that out. [https://equidensplasticponies.blogspot.com/] (This is the first show that I’ve hosted, so I’m bound to have an issue or two. Please either report it to me, or OMHPS to get the problem resolved.)

Resister from 2023-03-20 12:00 to 2023-04-10 12:00

Dreams of Spring 2

Registration open

Original Finish Plastic Halter Show. Breyers & Stones, 1:32 thru 1:6 Scale. This show is FREE and open to all entrants everywhere. This time I have included a Fantasy division. Judges are TBD, but I will most likely be judging the Breyer Classic / Traditional and Fantasy divisions.

Resister from 2023-03-17 12:00 to 2023-04-09 12:00

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Upcoming Shows

No shows here, please check back later!

Currently Judging Shows

OMHPS New Year Foal Show - January 2023

Judging in progress

Welcome to OMHPS's New Year Foal show! This is a free show open to all members and is dedicated to foals, ringing in the New Year with new life, in all makes. There is one halter division with 6 sections for everything from Original Finish to China. Classes may be split as needed. "Foal" refers to any model that is a yearling or younger.

Resister from 2023-01-01 12:00 to 2023-01-25 12:00

Spring feels show

Judging in progress

Spring feels photoshow includes OF, custom, and artist resin/china. There are a total of 4 divisions. One divison being fantasy! The entry fee is $5 paid through PayPal F&F or $6 paid through G&S. There are NO PHYSICAL prizes for this show. The fee is purely in order to compensate judges. What you win is bragging rights. To maximize your chances of placing; Use a reference, use a well-lit photo showing your horse from its show side! We can only judge by what we see Judges: PocketOgold (me) - judging Artists' resins & china Turas - Judging OF Zovi - Judging customs Classes are judged by the "ABC" system; Anatomy, Biomechanics, and color.

Resister from 2023-02-28 12:00 to 2023-03-20 12:00

Big Booty Draft Show

Judging in progress

This show highlights drafts and cobs throughout the world! Featuring OF all makes, Artist Resin, Customs, Medallions, and more! Virtual ribbons and a $2 entry fee. // Special Workmanship class for customs painted by the owner. (Make sure the model has workmanship information entered on the horse's profile to be able to enter these classes.) // Guidelines for sections/classes are in their description. // Virtual ribbons will be awarded after the show! Check the judge's comments for a link. // Please check out the show's forum thread for updates!

Resister from 2023-01-16 12:00 to 2023-03-05 05:55

Toby's Memorial Photo Show

Judging in progress

Hello everyone! This show is a fundraiser/memorial show for my baby boy, Toby. Toby is a 14 year old chihuahua who I got for my 7th birthday. He's been there for me through everything and unfortunately, his vet bill is quite high to put him to rest and for me to keep him even after he has gone. So I am putting together a little show to hopefully help so I can not only put him to rest peacefully, but also keep him close to my heart forever. This show will have real prizes for overalls (trophies instead of ribbons!), rosettes for champs, and printable ribbons for 1-6 places. The entry fee is $15, donations are appreciated but not required by any means. Lets put on a fun show to memorialize my boy and celebrate the time he had on this earth. I love you Toby Tobes <3

Resister from 2023-01-17 08:00 to 2023-02-28 12:00

Valentines Schooling Show

Judging in progress

Hello! This is a different kind of show for me. All horses entered in this show cannot have ever won a ribbon! I will also be giving feedback for every horse entered. This Halter show is for OF models only and is for Large scales only. There will be tons of breed classes! Judging criteria are as follows: Clear, well lit photos, no tack, background should be non distracting and can be a cloth or realistic background BUT realistic background should be to scale and not distracting, no hang tags on models, breed accuracy.

Resister from 2023-01-28 12:00 to 2023-02-21 12:00

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News & Events

News - March 25, 2023
Here's a friendly reminder that our OMHPS Birthday Giveaway for Premium members closes for entries tomorrow! Even if you're not a Premium member yet but become one today, you can still enter for the chance to win the prize pack shown below. Premium members have access to see Premium-only news posts, which includes more information on how and where to enter - plus all the usual Premium perks, of course. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far and we're looking forward to drawing a name and sending this pack to one lucky winner!

2023-03-25 by OMHPS

News - March 1, 2023
Hello everyone! Believe it or not, OMHPS turns 2 years old this month. It was on March 6th, 2021 that OMHPS first went out of beta and opened to the public. To celebrate, we have some festive decor and a themed show. This performance show is for birthday scenes to celebrate along with us! It will be open the entire month of March for those that need time to set up. Feel free to join it - it's open to anyone!

Additionally, we are holding a GIVEAWAY for all Premium members! Premium members - keep an eye out for the giveaway post here on this blog coming soon, visible to you only. Enter for a chance to win Breyer Traditional model Get Rowdy plus fun OMHPS merch! Without our Premium members, OMHPS wouldn't be able to exist, so we thank all of you for your support!

There are plenty of shows ongoing so there is plenty to do here. Happy showing, everyone!

2023-03-01 by OMHPS

News - February 21, 2023
Hey there, photo showers! We're back with another update. Today we pushed an update primarily consisting of bug fixes such as switching between horses using the arrow buttons, backend changes, and other small tweaks. It also includes a small change to the horse pages. After receiving various feedback, we have opted to remove the Judge's Comment column in the horse page show records. Any comments left can still be viewed on your Show Records page if you have judge comments enabled. This change will hopefully de-clutter the horse pages and also allow people to no longer have to view comments that may not be accurate to their current entry any time they are looking at that particular model. As always, if you wish not to receive comments from judges at all, you can hide judge comments on your Account Settings under Profile. If you encounter any bugs regarding these changes, or in general, please never hesitate to reach out to us at support@omhps.com

We have also decided to make official OMHPS photo shows bi-monthly so we can better keep up with handling those as well as giving us more time to work on site updates and new features. As such, there was no OMHPS show this month, but there will be another one in March, then May, so on and so forth. Luckily, there are still plenty of user-hosted shows opening every month so there is almost always something to enter!

Thank you all for your continued support of OMHPS and - as always - happy showing!

2023-02-21 by OMHPS

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