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Online Model Horse Photo Shows (OMHPS) is a new platform to photo show model horses on an online interface. Built from the ground up, this website will allow you to show your horses, keep track of their placings, host your own shows, and enjoy a fun, competitive environment. The competitions are open to model horses of any make and model including Breyer, Stone Horses, Schleich, CollectA, artist resins, customs, and china/porcelain.

Current Shows

OMHPS Premium Plastics Show - May/June 2021

Judging in progress

Welcome to OMHPS's first Premium show! This show is only open to Premium members of the site, as one of the promised perks of helping support the cost of the site's upkeep. If you currently have Premium or buy a new Premium membership, you are able to join --- This is a show dedicated to OF plastic, such as Breyer, Stone Horses, or Copperfox. There are two divisions, Traditional OF Plastic and Mini OF Plastic. --- PRIZES! Digital prizes, including special premium trophies. Each division champion will receive a gift card to a model horse dealer. If in the US/Canada, the gift card will be for Triple Mountain Model Horses. If in the UK/EU, the gift card will be for MPV in Germany. Division Champions will receive a $25/20€ gift card and Division Reserves will receive a $10/10€ gift card. *NOTE: This particular show is not in any way sponsored by either of these companies. The prizes are being paid for solely by OMHPS and we find these companies to be reputable and well-trusted dealers.



OMHPS Radiant Rubbers Show - June 2021

Registration open

Welcome to OMHPS's Radiant Rubbers show! This is a free show open to all members dedicated to rubber/rubber composite models, such as Schleich, CollectA, WIA, Mojo, or Safari. There are two divisions, OF Rubber and CM Rubber. CM Rubber includes both just repaints and repainted + resculpted models. The champion of each section (OF and CM) will both receive the digital gold Division Champion Trophies (instead of one gold trophy and one silver trophy).



8-Bit Show Series

Judging in progress

The 8-Bit Show Series is open for March/April 2021! This is a bi-monthly show series with rotating divisions for OF/CM/AR. This month's show is for AR horses only! Divisions include Traditional/Classic, Curio/Stablemate, and Micro Mini. Classes placed to 6th.



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News & Events

News - June 1st, 2021
Happy June, everyone! Summer is just around the corner (already, somehow, what?), and we've got another free OMHPS show open to all members - the Radiant Rubbers show! This is dedicated to both original finish and custom rubber models, such as Schleich, CollectA, and WIA models. There are also tons of user-hosted shows that just opened up for June or are upcoming later this month - be sure to check them out on the Shows page. There are a lot more than are shown on the home page!

In other news, we are still hard at work on the performance/collectability/workmanship update. This will hopefully be coming out later this month. We've also been busy over the past weekend with bug fixes - you may have gotten logged out a handful of times in the process, sorry! These fixes are complete so we are able to put full focus on the big update :) This takes up hours upon hours of our time, so we really appreciate all the support from premium members to help cover the cost and time that this site takes up... thank you!!

News - May 16th, 2021
Hello all! Been a minute, but we've been busy behind the scenes working on the next big update: performance, workmanship, and collectability systems. This should be on the way soon, but in the meantime we've pushed a smaller update today.

In this update, we changed the way entering horses into classes works a bit. No longer will it bring up multiple pop-ups and refresh the page so you have to keep going back to enter more horses or more classes. Now, it will keep you on the same page and instead of a pop-up to confirm, the "enter" button just turns into "entered" so you can confirm the horse was successfully entered in the class. This makes it a lot faster to enter multiple horses into one class.

The rest of the update is just small fixes and tweaks. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the first "premium only" official OMHPS show that will be announced and opened in the coming week, and make sure you get your medallion entries in to the OMHPS medallion show! Entries for that close on the 20th.

News - April 30th, 2021
A few updates here! First, the OMHPS Mini Spring Fling show has fully concluded. Thank you to our volunteer judges, and premium member winners have their prizes on the way. The OMHPS shows for May will be a fun medallion show open to all members, and a plastic-only show for premium members only. Keep an eye out for them coming next month!

In other news, you may have noticed some changes on the site. We pushed an update today that has changed a few things.

  • Show results page overhaul - everything is a lot more organized and you can now filter and search your results
  • There is now a contact button on show info pages to make it easier to reach show hosts and judges if you have questions or concerns
  • Division, section, and class info pages now show the type of digital reward that can be won
  • The image database has been migrated in preparation for future updates and they should load faster

The last part of the update is quite important. Although not very noticeable on your end, it is the first step in the next big update coming to the site: the workmanship, collectability, and performance showing system. We're hard at work behind the scenes getting that to the site as soon as possible!