Class Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse
OF Mini
OMHPS Premium Plastics Show - May/June 2021

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer, Original Finish Copperfox, Original Finish Plastic Other, Original Finish Stone

Competing breeds
Appendix Quarter Horse, Quarter Horse

Competing sizes
1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:32 Scale

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding


Premium requirement

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
OMH Little Miss Sass oceanic.modelhorses 2021-06-10
Buena Heckuva Chiquita appaloosa 2021-06-10
Chicks Smart 'n' Shiney appaloosa 2021-06-10
Pumped up Kicks KammieFenwick 2021-06-10
LOS Smokin' Apple Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS I Need A Dollar Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Lemon Cake Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Firebird Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Pearl Harbour Little.Owl 2021-06-04
Blueberry Wine Kayleysbreyers 2021-06-03
Cold Hard Cash Kayleysbreyers 2021-06-03
Fire on Ice Tanja 2021-06-02
DBB Texas Thunder ponyshort 2021-06-01
DBB Silver Dollar ponyshort 2021-06-01
DBB Tall Drink of Whiskey ponyshort 2021-06-01
Astor gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Smarty gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Applejack gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Lion of Love Chriswallbruch 2021-05-30
END Rivet Endless 2021-05-29
END Leech Endless 2021-05-29
Wagus Champagnehorses 2021-05-29
Red Bedtime Star brokenriverranch 2021-05-28
Big Mack Truck maciems 2021-05-27
Classic Touch maciems 2021-05-27
Bless the Rains maciems 2021-05-27
Don't Leave Me maciems 2021-05-27
Brave the Seasons maciems 2021-05-27
Man In The Box Pepperdall 2021-05-25
Gold Dust Woman Pepperdall 2021-05-25
Charging Banshee equinecltr 2021-05-25
Hush equinecltr 2021-05-25
Frosty Jack Jewels76 2021-05-25
KD10 PEARLY GATES DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 GAL PAL DandiKandi 2021-05-24
COKE N RUM DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 CERTAINLY IMPRESSIVE DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 PETER PIPER DandiKandi 2021-05-24
CRS Scotland diamondsareforever 2021-05-22
CRS Sugar Pie diamondsareforever 2021-05-22
CHARMING LOVE SundayStables 2021-05-22
DOCS HONEY SundayStables 2021-05-22
CHOCOLATE GUN SundayStables 2021-05-22
DUNNIT CRAZY SundayStables 2021-05-22
BLUE SKY SundayStables 2021-05-22
GVS She Means Business GrandviewStables 2021-05-21
GVS Perfect Disguise GrandviewStables 2021-05-21
Swish Swish cassiem 2021-05-21
Bubbles cassiem 2021-05-21
Carrot Time? cassiem 2021-05-21
SHS Black Ash Rising megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Star Watching megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Golden Slider megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Smooth Sailor megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Blue Jean Baby megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
Maple Syrup Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
Red Rain Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
Sith Lord Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
One Hit Celine8660 2021-05-21
Rocket Scientist KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Mathmagick KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Gallerist KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Dread Pirate KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Ace of Hearts TiMe 2021-05-20
Go With The Flow TiMe 2021-05-20
Knocks My Socks Off TiMe 2021-05-20
Magic Chex Cash TiMe 2021-05-20
Lil' Golden Pistol TiMe 2021-05-20
Never Forget Me Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Shiney Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Sunlight Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Smooth Sailing Celine8660 2021-05-20
Sweet Gal Celine8660 2021-05-20
Fancy Pants Celine8660 2021-05-20
Blinky Champagnehorses 2021-05-20

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