Online Model Horse Photo Shows, or OMHPS, was built from the ground up with our own code to be something new and useful to the hobby. The first ideas and plans for the site, and the purchase of the OMHPS domain, were in 2018. After that, a bit of code was written on the side of our day jobs and questions were bounced around until mid-2020 when the need for photo show sites seemed more necessary than ever. It was then we really got to work and reached the point we're at today. After months of development, testing, and tweaking, it's finally complete!


The goal of this site was to create an easy-to-use format for showers and hosts alike. Each horse you upload is its own entity. It keeps a record of its placings and it's easy to enter in new shows with just the click of a button. Every model will have its own page with all of the information you entered for it, from breed to scale, that you only ever have to enter once. Later, you can check back on that page and see its records or enter it in a new show. If your breed assignment isn't seeming to place and you want to change it, no problem! Update the information easily and try again in the next show. You'll never need to upload photos and information after the first time around unless you choose to.

Contact us

For any questions relating to OMHPS you can email us at omhps@omhps.com.


We also set out to improve the judging process. Judging can be tedious in photo shows, but with our system, we wanted to make it simple, efficient, and fair. We want judges to look forward to judging rather than dread having to manually enter placings into a spreadsheet or in comments after combing through hundreds of photos. No need for that here - look over your class, drag and drop horses into the order you want with 1st place on the top, 2nd after that, and so on, and move on to the next one. Top placing horses will automatically be pushed forward to the sectional judging, and section champions will automatically move to the division judging.


Hosting a show can be daunting. Coming up with class lists, keeping everything in order, making sure people are entering correctly - it's a lot to handle! We originally intended to create this site with showers in mind, providing them a place to show where we would do most of the hosting. However, the demand for an easy-to-use hosting site became apparent to us. The hosting system on OMHPS is straight-forward and organized. Start by creating your divisions, sections under those, and finally your classes. Each class can have set parameters to ensure all the entries are correct. Restrict your classes to only certain breeds, makes, sizes, or the like and the system will make sure entrants can only enter their applicable horses. Features like being able to duplicate entire divisions and make one-click changes so that an OF division is now a CM division just like that make it efficient and easy to use.

Image Use Policy

All images uploaded by users to OMHPS are of full rights to the uploader. OMHPS does not hold any rights to user-uploaded photos or other media. As such, you are expected to have full rights to post, share, or otherwise distribute the photos you are using of your models. If the photo was taken by someone else, you must have express permission of the original rights holder to use the photo. It is a good idea to note in the description if the photo was taken by someone else (ex., if you are using a painting artist's photo of a model they painted that you now own). If you see someone else using a photo you took that you did not give them permission to use, please email us at omhps@omhps.com with a link to the horse/photo in question. Only the rights holder can email us asking for photo removal. If you suspect a photo is taken by someone else/stolen but you are not the rights holder, please do not report it. Contacting the person you suspect may be the rights holder and making them aware of this is the better option, should they decide to take action.

User and Organization Hosted Shows Policy

OMHPS does not hold any responsibility to User or Organization hosted shows on our platform. These shows are held at the discretion of the show holder and as such can follow their rules, guidelines, and judging decisions. If you have issue with any aspect of the show, please take it to the host(s).

OMHPS does not hold any responsibility for User and Organization shows being concluded and judged in a timely manner. If a User or Organization hosted show has been neglected for a lengthy period of time, we may contact the host(s) in order to help move things along, however it is ultimately up to the host(s) to take care of it. We will not step in and conclude/judge a show on their behalf.

OMHPS does not hold any responsibility for entry fees paid to or distribution of physical prizes promised by User or Organization hosted shows. Any paid entry fees do not go through OMHPS and as such, we are not liable of offering refunds or compensation should a User or Organization hosted show be canceled, neglected, or otherwise not fulfilled. Please take this issue up with the show host(s) and/or your payment method if you feel you are entitled to a refund or physical prize that you have not been given.

Invalidated Shows

If a show is proven to have cheating on part of the host and/or judges, the show's results will be marked invalid. The show and the records will still exist, but the records will not count towards scoreboards and the results will be hidden from individual horses' pages. Unfortunately, the results simply cannot be considered trustworthy due to the cheating. Cheating includes a user placing their own models or using a friend/family/alternative account to place their own models, or overwhelming and proven bias.

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer

OMHPS is independently owned by model horse hobbyists. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any other company, agency or government agency. All product and company names are trademarks™️ or registered®️ trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.