Class Carriage/Driving

OF Mini
OMHPS Premium Plastics Show - May/June 2021

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer, Original Finish Copperfox, Original Finish Plastic Other, Original Finish Stone

Competing breeds
Groningen, Belorussian Harness Horse, Latvian Harness Horse, Hackney Horse, Cleveland Bay, Georgian Grande, Irish Cob, Nonius, Gelderlander, East Friesian, Friesian, Frederiksborg, Dolahest/Dole, Norman Cob, Kladruber , Moriesian, Vlaamperd, Dutch Harness Horse

Competing sizes
1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:32 Scale

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding


Premium requirement

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
The Dark Knight Pepperdall 2021-06-07
LOS Shadow and Bone Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Scardey Cat Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Hershey's Kiss Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Mr. Smith Little.Owl 2021-06-04
LOS Bonds Of War Little.Owl 2021-06-04
Mozart CatyKit 2021-06-03
Galley Boy CatyKit 2021-06-03
Sir Charles Pepperdall 2021-06-02
Geronimo gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Sapporo gyallabreyers 2021-05-31
Burbank Chriswallbruch 2021-05-30
Klondike Chriswallbruch 2021-05-30
GVS Off the Grid GrandviewStables 2021-05-30
Lightning Lord maciems 2021-05-27
Gadzooks maciems 2021-05-27
Magnetic Pull maciems 2021-05-27
Chicken Fried modelhorselovee 2021-05-27
Poseidon modelhorselovee 2021-05-27
Regalaire Of Romany Marsh equinecltr 2021-05-25
Ghost Story Camilla 2021-05-25
Ozymandias Camilla 2021-05-25
Mood Swings equinecltr 2021-05-24
KD10 EBONY SILK DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 FREDERIK DandiKandi 2021-05-24
KD10 SILVER BELLS DandiKandi 2021-05-24
Gold Standard Zialander 2021-05-24
Earthbender modelhorselovee 2021-05-23
CRS Wraith diamondsareforever 2021-05-22
CRS Pretty Buck diamondsareforever 2021-05-22
CRS Yellow Flower diamondsareforever 2021-05-22
TOETAPPER BOOGIE SundayStables 2021-05-22
TREASACH SundayStables 2021-05-22
TUSHAR SundayStables 2021-05-22
The Archer modelhorselovee 2021-05-21
Dordorian equinecltr 2021-05-21
Always In Style JylHunt 2021-05-21
The Doorman JylHunt 2021-05-21
SHS Gold in the Grey megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Throwing Flames megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Solar Flares megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Tappin Toes megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
SHS Pretty Patchwork megansmodels.IPSL 2021-05-21
Espresso Machine Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
Pour Some Sprinkles On Me Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
Lil Surprise Kayleysbreyers 2021-05-21
Pull Da Triggah Celine8660 2021-05-21
Cherry Cola Celine8660 2021-05-21
Mile High Stepping Stone sarahbscott 2021-05-20
Birch sarahbscott 2021-05-20
Thistledown sarahbscott 2021-05-20
Sound the Horn KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Belle Époque KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Out of Print KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
King for a Day KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Reading at Midnight KammieFenwick 2021-05-20
Othello TiMe 2021-05-20
Éirinn go Brách TiMe 2021-05-20
Rekord TiMe 2021-05-20
Indigo Blue TiMe 2021-05-20
Ashka's Dancer Celine8660 2021-05-20
Fly Away Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Hammer Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Leopard Cyhyraeth 2021-05-20
Nakota Celine8660 2021-05-20
Something Sweet Celine8660 2021-05-20

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