The FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, contains a list of questions and answers that users of OMHPS might be looking for. If your question is not answered on this page, you can contact us using the information on the About page.

Q: Why do my images need to be approved/what does it mean when it says my image is unapproved?
A: When you upload an image for the first time, it's image must be manually reviewed and approved before anyone else can view it. The purpose for this is to prevent spammers or other ill-intentioned persons from uploading and spreading mature, non-horse related images on the site, such as images including nudity or gore. This is to protect both our user base from encountering such images and also as a liability measure for our servers. Before it has been approved, other users will see a temporary placeholder image. You can still enter your horse in shows in the meantime.
Q: My horse is a purebred [insert breed here], but this "Other breeds" class showed up in its eligible classes. Is this a glitch?
A: No, that isn't a glitch. With the way our system works, a class has a list of breeds that are allowed to join. If your horse has one of the breeds on that list, it will show up in its eligible classes. Any "other pure/part" type classes allow all breeds, since a horse can be part-bred with anything. As a result, they show up in your eligible classes. Some classes are marked as "crossbreeds only," meaning that only horses that have at least two set breeds can enter them. This helps reduce the amount of similar type classes showing up in your purebred horse's eligible classes.
Q: I don't see this particular breed on the breed list. Can it be added?
A: Yes. If there is a particular breed you are not finding on our breed list, please email us at omhps@omhps.com so we can add it. Be sure to look for other names the breed may have first before submitting a breed addition, as it may be on the list in another name.
Q: Why do you ask for my address on the profile page?
A: You do not have to enter your address into the profile page. The address field is there for people that want to receive real prizes, should the shows they enter offer them. Your address is not visible on your public profile.
Q: I have an issue with how this class was judged. Who do I talk to about this?
A: First and foremost, you should talk with the judge or the show host. If the show host is OMHPS, you can reach us directly via email at omhps@omhps.com. If it is a user or organization hosted show, the username of the person running the show should be listed. You can email them by visiting their forum profile (linked on their main profile) and clicking "Send this user an e-mail." You can also send them a private message on the forum. If the issue is not resolved and you suspect something along the lines of bias or cheating, you can email us at the aforementioned address and we can try to help mediate. However, keep in mind that shows are run at the show host and judges' discretion - ultimately, it is their opinion that matters most in the end.
Q: My show/a show I entered in was invalidated, what does that mean?
A: If a show is marked as invalid, that means the show was determined to have cheating by the host and/or the judge(s), giving unfair and untrustworthy results (such as a judge placing their own models, giving themselves an advantage over everyone else). The results no longer apply to the scoreboard and may be hidden, since they cannot be trusted as unbiased or fair. It does not give a negative score towards any entrants, but the placings that are received no longer give points. Hosts that cheat multiple times and have more than one invalidated show may be banned from hosting any further shows on OMHPS.


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