Winds of Winter

Original Finish Plastic Halter Show. Breyers & Stones, 1:32 thru 1:6 Scale. This show is FREE and open to all entrants everywhere. I will be a first-time judge judging the Breyer divisions. This show is intended to be practice for me and I will most likely discuss some placings with my fellow judge as I get a feel for things. PineRidgeStables will be judging the Stone divisions (she has judging experience). Hopefully this will be a precursor to a larger paid show with physical prizes at some point in 2022.

One entry per horse, three entries per class. You must own the horses you are showing and you must have taken the photos yourself. No tack, etc. unless molded onto the horse. No editing of photos beyond basic color correction / cropping. Classes may be split or combined at judges' discretion.

Divisions 5
Sections 42
Classes 397


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Private user hosted show

Show concluded

2021-11-12 12:00

2021-12-06 12:00


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