Class (halter) - 01 Tennessee Walking Horse

01 Tennessee Walking Horse
04 Gaited
Breyer Traditional
Winds of Winter

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
Tennessee Walking Horse
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:6 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding
Strict genders: Yes



Max entries per user: 3
Callbacks: 2

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
CPS Livin It Up In Rio bassgirl1970 2021-12-01
CPS Viktory bassgirl1970 2021-12-01
Sonneteer apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Tattinger apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Pon de Replay apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Lady Catherine Krei 2021-11-26
Shadow Weaver Krei 2021-11-26
Good Ol' Rocky Top SamMoose 2021-11-25
SE Blackberry Winter shayle 2021-11-22
HHSS Repeat The Beat HunterHillsShowStables 2021-11-19
CR Keegan birdsviewgal 2021-11-19
CR Showtimes birdsviewgal 2021-11-19
CR Luna birdsviewgal 2021-11-19
Nebula modelhorselovee 2021-11-18
Stig cassiem 2021-11-17
Sheza Bandit cassiem 2021-11-17
SHS Angel Eyes britneys.collection 2021-11-16
SHS Southern Comfort britneys.collection 2021-11-16
Jose's Bay Bee Naomithewolf 2021-11-16
Highway Robbery Naomithewolf 2021-11-16
Keep It Casual JylHunt 2021-11-16
Blue Parade EclipticEquines 2021-11-16
DBB Caspian's Delight ponyshort 2021-11-15
DBB Casanova ponyshort 2021-11-15
DBB Clockwork ponyshort 2021-11-15
LNR Swift twinkletoes03 2021-11-14
Flying Colours spirit_stables 2021-11-14
Be My Bandit 2021-11-13
Blue Night Skies Ashlynla7 2021-11-13
Kiss of an Angel TiMe 2021-11-13
GVS Hidden Treasure GrandviewStables 2021-11-12
SDS High Steppin' Love SpottedDreamsStudio 2021-11-12
Glass Table Girl red.kelpie 2021-11-12
Ain't No Sunshine Chriswallbruch 2021-11-12
Persuasive l.ulrich 2021-11-12
Sky Watch MistyMtnRanch 2021-11-12
Sunray MistyMtnRanch 2021-11-12
Raven MistyMtnRanch 2021-11-12
Fawkes Statikshock 2021-11-12
Cajun's Caliente Kitty 2021-11-12
Felicia Frost Kitty 2021-11-12
Dixie Belle Kitty 2021-11-12
By Your Hand RockyMountainFarms 2021-11-12

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