Class (halter) - 08 American Draft

08 American Draft
01 Draft
Breyer Traditional
Winds of Winter

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
North American Spotted Draft, Sugarbush Draft, American Belgian, Canadian Horse, American Cream Draft, Sendera Draft Horse, American Drum Horse
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding
Strict genders: Yes



Callbacks: 2

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
CPS Jurassic Proportions bassgirl1970 2021-12-01
CPS Harli Kwin bassgirl1970 2021-12-01
CPS Under The Mountain bassgirl1970 2021-12-01
Panache apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Begonia apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Soror Arctica apocalypticchick 2021-11-30
Limoncello RedWood 2021-11-28
Bodhran RedWood 2021-11-28
Yankee Doodle RedWood 2021-11-28
Ginger Krei 2021-11-26
Valhalla Krei 2021-11-26
THS Holiday Kisses trotting_hooves_studios 2021-11-26
Aether Nyxnightstudios 2021-11-23
BGB Valen BirchGroveBreyers 2021-11-21
Shaleen CatyKit 2021-11-20
CR Puffin Magic birdsviewgal 2021-11-19
CR See Spots birdsviewgal 2021-11-19
HHSS Hey Now HunterHillsShowStables 2021-11-18
HHSS I Like Big Buns HunterHillsShowStables 2021-11-18
HHSS Beyond The Starz HunterHillsShowStables 2021-11-18
SHS White Russian britneys.collection 2021-11-16
SHS Highly Suspect britneys.collection 2021-11-16
Double Stuffed Oreo Naomithewolf 2021-11-16
Holiday Whispers Naomithewolf 2021-11-16
Fury´s Millie JackpotStud 2021-11-16
Indian Artistry JylHunt 2021-11-16
Charlie Brown modelhorselovee 2021-11-16
DBB Dotted Pablo ponyshort 2021-11-15
DBB Butter Boy ponyshort 2021-11-15
Big Boy Roy Pepperdall 2021-11-14
Summertime Memories 2021-11-13
Natural Twenty BlasIwan 2021-11-13
Darkmagic BlasIwan 2021-11-13
Viari BlasIwan 2021-11-13
Covid-Te Ashlynla7 2021-11-13
Black Powder Andi 2021-11-13
A Harley of My Own KagGuen80 2021-11-13
Captain Dawnith 2021-11-12
Big Deal EquusRuss 2021-11-12
Megalithic EquusRuss 2021-11-12
Summer Solstice spirit_stables 2021-11-12
Stranger Things spirit_stables 2021-11-12
SDS Big Jake SpottedDreamsStudio 2021-11-12
Skyfall l.ulrich 2021-11-12
Gracie MistyMtnRanch 2021-11-12
Nadia MistyMtnRanch 2021-11-12
Justanother Jake Zialander 2021-11-12
Picture Perfect Dreams Zialander 2021-11-12

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