Autumn Thunder '23 Draft Specialty Show

Welcome to the third annual Autumn Thunder Draft Specialty Show! This is a free show. Standard virtual ribbons. * Each HALTER SECTION has a Foals class. There are also specific sections/classes for heavy carriage, draft ponies, grade drafts, draft crosses and draft-type longears. * Limit 7 entries per class/per entrant. * Each horse can be entered 3 times–once in Halter, once in an Action (Pose) and once in a Colors (Workmanship) class. * Please read division/section/class info to determine where your models best fit. * Please read rules and class descriptions for more details. * Show host will monitor forum messages and emails.

1. All photos should be in color, in focus and well-lit, and no part of the model cut-off/obscured. 2. Documentation for uncommon breeds, colors, etc. is highly recommended. Mention of AGE may be helpful for non-mature looking models. 3. One model = one breed or cross only. A model can't be entered in classes as two different breeds/crosses. Duplicate entries will not be placed or may be disqualified at judge's discretion. 4. Realistic background not required, any background is suitable. 5. If you didn't take photo, you must have permission to use photos taken by artist, previous owner, etc. stated in the model description. 6. No tack except unless molded on/permanently attached. 7. No vulgar or offensive model names, please! 8. The judge reserves the right to split classes at their discretion. 9. The judges’ decisions are final. 10. Please be courteous to judges and fellow competitors so everyone has an enjoyable show experience!

Divisions 9
Sections 36
Classes 255

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2023-10-25 12:00

2023-11-04 12:00


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