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My name is Wiktoria, but I like to be called by my nickname - Endless, or End for short :) I am from Poland, I'm young adult and my pronouns are she/her. My native language is of course polish, but I also use english on daily basis. I'm always open to pm!
Except - obviously - model horses, I absolutely love digital arts - especially drawing, painting, sculpting and design. My favourite real breed is Kladruber horse, but I love all heavy baroque type horses (like Warlanders). I am not riding at the moment, but I'd love to try western riding in the nearby future :) I love to learn about horse color genetics tho.

In model horse community, I own my little studio - Endless Studio  and I'm co-host of Live Show "Służewiec". I am here since 2010, but for most of the time I wasn't too active publicly. As of right now, I am creating my own digital sculptures and offer resin 3D printing services, with more to come! I don't paint, make tack or dioramas, which I'd love to try next year, after I finish school! 

Collection-wise, my main priority are resins which I love. Other than that, I like to buy a few Breyers from time to time (with fave scales being Traditional and Stablemate). My main congas are Django, Vaulting, both Crois, Copperfox Exmoor and AR Ozymandias (TR scale). In future I'd also like to focus more on Stone Bunny and Palouse, Giselle & Gilen, Troubadour, Dundee, Hamilton, Weathergirl and Maureen Love molds :)

Except sculpting and showing, I am also doing Pedigree Assignment. I own Equine North Delight Stables, which I try to include slowly in my show string (with attached pedigrees in references and END pre-fix in every model name). My books are open, but website is still work in progress, so in case you're interested in my sire/dam list, just message me here or through stables page!

I am also open to being a judge for future shows. Because of my PA and sculpting experience, in showing I am always looking for correct anatomy, biomechanics, breed standard, correct color and quality photo. As of right now I am showing only in Halter and Workmanship, while I judge only Halter. I prefer plain background photos or *really* minimalistic dioramas. I value everyone's time, and with my judging I always try my best to keep it quick as I know how annoying waiting is! I prefer to judge either resins or OF models, but can do with customs as well.
If you're interested in asking me for judging, just pm me with show details and classlist. I'd be happy to discuss :)


I am always happy to talk about ponies and random things, so if you want to chat or have any questions, don't hesitate to message me! ^^

Endless's top ranking horses

END Maverick

Stormwatch resin sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig in 2007 Painted to sooty chestnut sabino by Danelle Gatcombe in 2008 Pedigree site: https://equinenorthdelight.weebly.com/end-maverick.html

Artist Resin

American Mustang 

1:9 Scale

2 Performances

END Sweet Pea

Nezabudka resin sculpted by Elena Slavogorodskaya Painted and customized by Nastya Kobain Shetland pony body type Bay base with fantasy splash-like pattern

Artist Resin


1:9 Scale

END Cadbury

Copperfox Matte Cadbury CF623M Sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn in 2015 Dark red bay ISH Pedigree site: https://equinenorthdelight.weebly.com/end-cadbury.html

Original Finish Copperfox

Irish Sport Horse

1:9 Scale

END Wezyr

Edwin resin sculpted by Jaśmina Raczkiewicz in 2020 Painted to dark bay by Julia Staroń (TMR) Polish Warmblood (Polski Koń Sportowy) stallion

Artist Resin

Polish Warmblood

1:18 Scale

END Beauty Behind the Madness

Stone Horses Design A Horse 2020; Bunny sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson in 2017; Painted to rose gray tobiano by Julie Keim in 2020; North American Spotted Draft of Premium Spotted Draft Registry, being NASDH x Percheron. Pedigree site: https://equinenorthdelight.weebly.com/end-beauty-behind-the-madness.html

Original Finish Stone

North American Spotted Draft

1:9 Scale

1 Performances

END Diament

Breyer Traditional - O'Leary's Irish Diamond 1277 Sculpted by Karen Y. Gerhardt in 2006 Light dapple gray (black based) Irish Draught Pedigree site: https://equinenorthdelight.weebly.com/end-diament.html

Original Finish Breyer

Irish Draught

1:9 Scale

END Alsanbek

Ozymandias resin sculpted by Sue Kern in 2018 Painted to sooty palomino by Rebakah Edmonson Akhal Teke - racehorse type, Posman line Pedigree site in progress

Artist Resin

Akhal Teke

1:9 Scale

END Lexus

Breyer Stablemates - Mystery Surprise Chase 6039 Sculpted by Josine Vingerling

Original Finish Breyer


1:32 Scale

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