Spring feels show

Spring feels photoshow includes OF, custom, and artist resin/china. There are a total of 4 divisions. One divison being fantasy! The entry fee is $5 paid through PayPal F&F or $6 paid through G&S. There are NO PHYSICAL prizes for this show. The fee is purely in order to compensate judges. What you win is bragging rights. To maximize your chances of placing; Use a reference, use a well-lit photo showing your horse from its show side! We can only judge by what we see Judges: PocketOgold (me) - judging Artists' resins & china Turas - Judging OF Zovi - Judging customs Classes are judged by the "ABC" system; Anatomy, Biomechanics, and color.

- No tack on the horse (halter and molded-on tack are okay) - Horses may only enter ONCE. - Maximum of 5 entries per class - Only the best 10 horses will place - Keep horses' names non-offensive (no slurs or discriminatory language) - Horses made in china go with artist resins - Fantasy horses must be of horse type (unicorn, kelpie, alicorn etc) or be at least 50% horse. (Kirins and classic unicorns are allowed, they look enough horse)

This show has a private list of entrants that are allowed to enter.

Divisions 4
Sections 33
Classes 122


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2023-02-28 12:00

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