Spring Time Stone Photo Show

To welcome my first show hosted on the new website, I am hosting a 2 section photo show! With 2 of the most competitive breeds! Welcome to Spring Time Photo Show! Come and show your pretty stock and draft horses with some competition! This show is for OF STOCK/DRAFT Traditional Peter Stones ONLY and Halter Only. 3 entries per class. Hope you have fun and enjoy! Open to everyone! Come show your pretty Stones off!!

This is a halter show OF TRAD ONLY and Stock and Draft ONLY!! Horses will be judged on their breed standards, as well as their condition and overall what I like about the model and more. - Horses may only enter one class each - 3 entries per person per class - No tack, unless molded on


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Sections 2
Classes 11


You can find the show results below

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Show concluded

2021-04-17 12:00

2021-05-08 12:00


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