2022 Spotted Dreams Photo Show

Welcome to the 2022 Spotted Dreams Photo Show for breed and creative halter! MASSIVE CLASS LIST! Classes for other animals as well. Open to almost all Original Finish plastic and rubber. There is a small entry fee of $3, which can be paid via PayPal. Just shoot me a message and I will give you my PayPal address. The entry fee covers the cost of the show, and the cost and time that went into making the custom digital ribbons for the models’ showcases. No physical prizes will be mailed. Placings to five. Two callbacks. You can sign up before or after the show opens. Show is hosted by me, Adah Richards, of Spotted Dreams Studio. Looking forward to seeing all your pretty ponies! 🐴🦄

1.The judging of creative halter class entries will be strongly influenced by the descriptions! 2.No vulgar names or profanity. Horses with such names will be DQ’d, regardless of their other qualities. 3.No tack on models (unless molded on). That includes halters/stallion sets. 4.If you enter a mule or zebroid, you are REQUIRED to have the breed of the horse parent in the model’s description. 5.All photos should be in focus and clear. No body parts cropped out. Realistic backgrounds are welcome, but are not a requirement. 6.You may enter 5 horses per class. 7.Each horse may enter 1 breed/halter class and 1 scene per creative halter class. Each horse may be entered in as many creative halter classes as you wish, although no double entries in the same class. Double entries of the same horse in the same class will be disqualified. 8.Be nice and have fun! 9. Any questions please contact me!

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