Just another show

"Just another show" is a privately hosted photoshop featuring customs and resins only. I'm just hosting this in my free time, and it's free so there will be no physical ribbons! The show is free and open to anyone, just contact me through Instagram @equine.art_byemma

Max entries per horse: One Max entries per class: Three Only the top six horses will place. No tack is allowed (with the exception of moulded on tack). Yes, that includes halters. Horses shown with tack will be disqualified. The picture should show your horse's side in clear view, with good lighting. I don't care about the background, feel free to use scenic pictures.

This show has a private list of entrants that are allowed to enter.

Divisions 2
Sections 22
Classes 76


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2022-04-08 12:00

2022-04-30 12:00



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