Fall Fiesta

*FREE* show, open to everyone, focusing on Iberian breeds & Gaited breeds! I tried to include every possible type of model here. Will probably be judging this one solo, unless I decide I want someone else to do AR / China.

No crossbreeds in this show unless they are labeled by one of the OMHPS provided breed labels (ie Tennuvian). One entry per horse, three entries per class. You must own the horses you are showing and you must have taken the photos yourself. One horse per photo (multiple will be DQ'd). No tack, etc. unless molded onto the horse. No editing of photos beyond basic color correction / cropping. Classes may be split at judges' discretion and by any method they deem appropriate. Models may be stewarded to more appropriate classes at judges' discretion.

Divisions 5
Sections 14
Classes 77


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2023-09-01 12:00

2023-09-23 12:00



01 OF Plastic


02 CM Plastic


04 China

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