OMHPS Colors of Fall - November 2022

Welcome to OMHPS's Colors of Fall Show! This is a show dedicated to workmanship for horses that are the color of the leaves in fall - chestnut for orange leaves, bay for red leaves, palominos and buckskins for yellow leaves, and various duns for all the colors in between. This will be for solid colors only! Show off your pretty shades of these colors to show how interesting they can be without flashy markings, like the simple beauty of a vibrant leaf. Make sure you have each of your model's workmanship tab filled out including pattern set to solid, otherwise you won't be able to enter.

-3 entries per class, per entrant. -Horses may only enter 1 class each. -No tack unless molded on.

Divisions 1
Sections 9
Classes 90


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Show concluded

2022-11-01 12:00

2022-11-25 12:00



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