The Cheapo Custom Challenge

This show is for those models no judge looks twice at. Nobrand playset models, model railway micros, formerly popular toylines... now's their chance to shine! This is partly so I can practice show creation and judging, partly because I love the overlooked cheapies and hope this concept will become so popular more shows start popping up... Any weirdnesses in the class list, please let me know!

No Breyer! No Collecta! No Chronos! No Safari! No Schleich! Britains - you can stay, but you're on thin ice. This is an all customs show. This is an all plastic/rubber show, so no factory resins or clinkies this time round.


Divisions 1
Sections 7
Classes 24

Private user hosted show


Judging in progress

2024-05-20 12:00

2024-06-16 12:00



CM Halter

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