Welcome To OMHPS: The Show

We'd like to give everyone a warm welcome to OMHPS by hosting a free for anyone to enter photo show! This photo show is a halter/breed show and will have divisions for most things. ~PRIZES~ Division champions will receive a Cider & Fizz resin micro mini set Division reserve champions will receive a Magpie resin micro mini ...and other fun goodies for both! Free shipping worldwide for prizes!

1. Classes are limited to 3 horses max per person 2. This is halter/breed judged only. Horses can only enter into one class each. 3. Classes are for all sizes, there is no mini/large split for this show. 4. No tack allowed, with the exception of molded-on tack (such as the halter on Man O' War models)

Divisions 6
Sections 40
Classes 236


You can find the show results below

Official OMHPS show


Show concluded

2021-03-06 12:00

2021-03-27 12:00



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