Crescent Cove MHA Spring Show 2024

This is the 9th edition of the discord group Crescent Cove Model Horses and Art's Quarterly photo shows! As usual, this show is 100% free of charge but is ONLY for members of CCMHA on Discord. New members are welcome as well, you can join by this link: Link . For new members you will need to answer a few questions and select your roles to be fully in the group, then comment your OMHPS username in the “omhps-usernames” channel! If you aren’t seeing the option, you might need to select your roles first! If you have any questions contact me on Discord, Naomithewolf.

1.Understand that our judges are busy and may take some time to judge your classes. 2.Judging results are final, but if you’d like to know why your horse placed the way it did, some judges offer notes on their decision making. Feel free to reach out to Naomithewolf on discord for any tips! 3.Do not enter horses in more than one breed class. If entered in multiple classes, all classes that horse entered will be disqualified! 4.Be sure that the class you’re entering is correct for your model. Sometimes we can steward, most of the time we have to DQ. 5.No stolen photos or showing models that do not belong to you. 6.All foals should enter foal classes (this includes fantasy and longear foals in Other foals). 7.Have fun!

This show has a private list of entrants that are allowed to enter.

Divisions 6
Sections 51
Classes 358

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2024-05-03 12:00

2024-06-08 12:00


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