OMHPS Tack Box Showcase

Welcome to OMHPS's Tack Box Showcase! This is free and open to all members and is dedicated to showing off your favorite model horse tack and accessories. This is not a performance/scene type show, you do not need to make an entire performance scene, though you do need to create a tack performance entry for your model in order to enter the photo properly. We recommend putting this under "Other Performance" when creating the entry via the Add Performance button. You MUST have the tack on a horse. Images of just tack will not be acceptable. Classes will be judged based on the quality, workmanship, and fit of the tack. Dolls are not required, in fact we encourage photos of riding tack sets without dolls in order to better see the tack unobscured. However, you may also enter full scenes with dolls if you feel it shows off the tack best. That is up to your discretion.

-3 entries per class, per entrant -Classes place to 10th -The tack must be shown on a horse, not alone -Dolls are not required and are better to leave off of riding tack so as not to block the view of the tack -All makes and scales are acceptable -Both handcrafted and mass-produced (ex. Breyer or Schleich-made) tack are acceptable but will not be split

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2022-08-01 12:00

2022-08-25 12:00



Tack Box Showcase

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