Absolute Nonsense Funtime Flash Show

OMHPS is a little slow right now, so let's have a silly fun show! I want to learn to run shows on OMHPS without a lot of pressure, so I've made this quick show with a quick turnaround to gain some experience. You won't find many of the normal classes here! This is all nonsense all the time. Don't take it seriously at all. Only one workmanship class, for etchies! Because I love them and people always forget about them in Workmanship Divisions!

1) 2 entries per class, per entrant. 2) Many of the classes are fairly open to account for their "fun class" nature. Cross enter up to 5 classes per horse, but I will DQ horses that very obviously don't fit the class. 3) See the descriptions of each Division/Class for further info. 4) Some of the Divisions only have 1 sections. This is so we can have more Division Champions/Reserves! 5) I probably got something to do with the setup of this show wrong. It's my first time. I have no clue what I'd doing! Let's go!

Divisions 11
Sections 29
Classes 125

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2023-05-21 12:00

2023-06-04 12:00



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