Fireworks Flash Show 2024

To celebrate the spirit of 4th of July fireworks, this show has limited classes for LOUD/COLORFUL Appaloosa/Leopard complex and Pinto/Paint patterns only. Open to OF, Custom and Artists Resins. All breeds/crosses/ages eligible—purebreds, grade, mixes. Foals and longears welcome. Divisions are split into Mini, Medium, and Large. Sections and Classes are by pattern type. Fantasy, decorators, unrealistic colors with patterns suggesting Appaloosa/Leopard complex or Pinto/Paint patterns have specific classes (Totally Unreal or Totally Technicolor). The classes are set up as WORKMANSHIP so the model’s workmanship tab must be filled out. Judging criteria will be color and pattern details, quality of finish, overall conformation, musculature, and photo dynamics. All parts of horse (including hooves, ears, tail) must be in frame and not obscured. Photos that are well lit and taken from the side work best, but any angle is acceptable provided all areas of the model are clearly visible.

1. Models may only enter one class. 2. Entrants may enter up to 3 separate models per class. 3. Classes are limited to 25 entries. 4. No tack unless molded on or permanently attached. 5. Any background is acceptable but those that don’t distract from the model work best. 6. Site photo rules apply. If you didn’t take the photo but have permission to use it, you must credit the artist or former owner in the description. 7. Virtual ribbons to 10th Place. Only class winners and section champions proceed to the next level for judging. 8. Classes may be split at judge’s discretion. Judge’s decisions are final. 9. Have fun!


Divisions 3
Sections 6
Classes 42


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