OMHPS Special Run Showcase - July 2023

Welcome to the OMHPS Special Run Showcase! This is a collectability show dedicated to the thing we always have our eyes on this time of the year - special runs! It is free and open to everyone. This is for OF Breyer only and will be judged solely on collectability. As such, make sure you have your collectability tab filled out on your horses and include all relevant documentation. If you do not have the collectability filled out, you will not be able to join the show.

-3 entries per class, per entrant. -Horses may enter each class 1 time -Classes place to 10th -Documentation is required -No tack unless molded on -Make sure you have collectability information added to your model, otherwise you will have nothing you can enter into the show!

Divisions 1
Sections 2
Classes 13


You can find the show results below

Official OMHPS show


Show concluded

2023-07-01 12:00

2023-07-25 12:00


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