Drakon Farm Presents: A Vintage Valentines

This show is for Vintage Traditional OF Breyer Only! Each model in the Halter, Worksmanship, and Performance Classes must have been released on or before 2003 (20 years ago). This is a FREE show, and I will offer both virtual and printable ribbons.

Your entry will be disqualified if your entry does not meet the criteria for said class. No tack unless it is molded on. 5 entries per person per class. Each horse can only enter in ONE halter, ONE fun, ONE workmanship, and ONE Performance class. Horses must be “vintage” OF Breyer if entered into Halter, Worksmanship or Performance. The fun classes are open to all make, molds, models and sizes.

Divisions 4
Sections 7
Classes 54

Private user hosted show

Registration open

2023-01-20 12:00

2023-02-04 12:00



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