MJM Workmanship Show

Welcome to the MJM Workmanship Photo Show! This show has sections for OF Large, OF Small, OF Rubber, CM, and AR. Entry fee is £3 via Paypal only. Please see ‘Contact show host’ for payment details and please send your OMHPS username so I can add you to the entrants list. I will be designing digital printable placing cards (1st-6th and Champs) for this show, so please contact me once the show has concluded, and I will send the digital files for you to print!

Each model may only be entered once. — Limit of 3 models per person per class. — Photos must be your own unless you have permission (please state if so). — No tack unless molded on. — References are not required but are helpful for any unusual expressions of colour. — Models will be judged on the quality of their paint job, how realistically they represent their colour, and their condition/flaws. — Judge’s decisions are final. — If you have any questions, please see ‘Contact show host’ for my details. Enjoy! :)

This show has a private list of entrants that are allowed to enter.

Divisions 5
Sections 30
Classes 131

Private user hosted show

Registration open

2024-06-10 12:00

2024-06-30 11:59



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