Wormwood Studios' 'Big Yourself Up' Show

This is a Custom, AR and Workmanship show for models of all sizes sculpted, customised or painted by YOURSELF. You MUST be the sculptor, painter, customiser or collaborator for the pieces you enter. This is a free show and relies on the honesty of entrants to only enter according to the aforementioned rule. Entrants suspected of cheating and entering horses not worked on (at least in some capacity) by themselves will be DQed.

1. See above! 2. As long as you are in some way the artist or collaborator of a model, you do not need to CURRENTLY OWN the model, as long as you have permission to enter it by the owner and permission to use any photos of said model. 3. Horses may be cross-entered into a Halter and a Workmanship class but may not be entered into multiple classes across the same division. 4. Classes may be split further or stewarded depending on class size. Please note that for a lot of these classes I've left the breed list 'open' or as a 'soft' requirement due to wanting to keep the class list concise - horses may fit into more than one class. Just stick 'em where you see fit, I'll steward if I deem it necessary but there will be no DQ based on incorrect placement.

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2024-03-28 12:00

2024-04-20 12:00



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