Artemisia Photo Shows - April Showers

Hello! My name is Teddy, the host of Artemisia Photo Shows and Lincolnshire Live Shows! I've hosted a small photo show via Discord before, but I'd love to practice hosting here, so this is Artemisia's OMHPS debut. This is a free open show for Plastic only - OF and Custom. Please make sure you read the rules.

*Five entries TOTAL across the whole show per person. 3 max entries per class, one class only per horse. I will likely be judging this mostly on my own, with the help of a couple of friends, so I'd like to keep entries manageable, so only enter your favourites! (Anyone who goes over this will have all their entries DQ'd.) *Each horse may only enter one class. *You must own the horses you are showing and the photos must have been taken by you. No filters or photo manipulation are permitted beyond basic brightness/contrast modifications. *Please be patient with us while I judge these as I and all the other judges work full-time! *Please contact me if you notice any problems with any classes - this is my first time hosting and there may be issues I've overlooked!

Divisions 4
Sections 32
Classes 180


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This show has been retired. Entries have been frozen and will no longer be judged. This usually happens when a show host abandons their show. Please contact OMHPS if you believe this is an error.

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2023-04-01 12:00

2023-04-30 12:00


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