OMHPS Collectability Showcase - July 2021

Welcome to OMHPS's first collectability show! This show is all about showcasing rare and collectible pieces. This will be judged based on the rarity and condition of the models and is for Original Finish Plastic (Breyer, Stone, Copperfox, Hartland, etc.) only. Please be sure to have the collectability information filled out on your horse's page (accessible by editing the horse and opening the Collectability tab). Documentation for your model is REQUIRED - please add documentation via the Reference Images or Reference Text Field (via links or text information).

-5 entries per class, per entrant -Horses may only enter 1 class each -Models must be in their original factory state without alterations (repairs or restoration allowed) -Horses must have some form of documentation to prove their rarity, either via a reference image, link to reference image/page, or text


Divisions 2
Sections 9
Classes 48


You can find the show results below

Official OMHPS show


Show concluded

2021-07-12 12:00

2021-08-02 11:59



Original Finish Breyer

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