4th of July Jamboree

Welcome to the 4th of July Jamboree! This is a fun, patriotic themed show to celebrate the 4th of July for the entire month of July! This show will have REAL ribbons from 1st - 3rd place, class overalls, and rosettes for section overalls! If enough people enter, the more ribbons we can get which means it could be 1st - 4th, 5th, and so on! The entry fee is $15 thru PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, please contact the show host! (In order to order real ribbons, we will need 20 entries or more, so make sure to share with your friends! :D) To enter, contact the show host thru Instagram or Email (see below)! Who's ready to get their Jam on?!

Judges decisions are FINAL, after paying you have 3 days to back out after 3 days there will be no refunds or returns, if you don't place I cannot give you a refund, no more than 3 entries per model (2 fun classes 1 regular class), and most importantly have fun! (NOTICE: PLEASE EMAIL THE SHOW HOST YOUR PLACINGS ONCE THE SHOW IS CONCLUDED SO YOU CAN GET YOUR RIBBONS!)

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2021-07-04 12:00

2021-08-15 11:59



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