OMHPS Premium Custom Show - November 2023

Welcome to OMHPS's fourth Premium show! This show is only open to Premium members (Link) of the site, as one of the promised perks of helping support the cost of the site's upkeep. Whether you currently have Premium or get a new Premium membership, you are able to join!

This is a show dedicated to custom models of all sizes, with both halter and workmanship classes. Custom refers to a factory model that has been customized after purchase. Please note, customized (glaze or cold painted) chinas will not be included in this.


There are physical prizes for this show! Digital prizes, including special premium trophies, will also be awarded. Each division champion will receive a special goodie box with treats, Stablemate models, stickers, and an enamel pin. Shipped free worldwide!

-5 entries per class, per entrant

-Horses may only enter 1 halter and 1 workmanship class each

-No tack unless molded on

-Foals and adults are split, be sure to enter the correct foal classes

-If your horse says it is ineligible, check your ineligible horses on the class entry page to see exactly why

Divisions 3
Sections 21
Classes 136

Official OMHPS show


Judging in progress

2023-11-01 12:00

2023-11-25 11:59



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