Lisas Model Horse DIY Critiqued Performance Show

This show is to help people better their performance entries. It is open to everyone however please note that your entry will be critiqued. Please don't enter if you don't want any comments. As I will be commenting on all entries I will be brief, letting you know what can be fixed only in most cases. I will not have time to go over all the good stuff in your image in most cases It will be judged as a regular show but I will post what can be improved with an entry. Note that this is only my opinion - all judges vary and this is a good thing. For more information see my YouTube channel where I will be posting videos on how to show along with all my other tutorials. Link

As this is about the class and not your background you can enter models from photos with realistic backgrounds, a plain background or a picture from a live show as long as it the model is fully visible.


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2023-01-21 09:00

2023-02-04 12:00



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