Big Booty Draft Show

This show highlights drafts and cobs throughout the world! Featuring OF all makes, Artist Resin, Customs, Medallions, and more! Virtual ribbons and a $2 entry fee. // Special Workmanship class for customs painted by the owner. (Make sure the model has workmanship information entered on the horse's profile to be able to enter these classes.) // Guidelines for sections/classes are in their description. // Virtual ribbons will be awarded after the show! Check the judge's comments for a link. // Please check out the show's forum thread for updates!

Send $2 entry fee to Link (Paypal) or @hunnibadgercrafts (Venmo) with your USERNAME. // 1 entry per horse in halter, 1 entry per horse in workmanship. All photos should be clear, well lit, and no part of the model should be obscured. // All models should be of draft or cob type. Some breeds have multiple types- make sure your model fits the Draft/Cob type. (Example: Welsh Section C & D are cobs, Welsh Section A & B are pony type and would be disqualified.) // The custom by owner section is for customs painted by you, the owner. No commissioned or purchased customs are allowed in the WORKMANSHIP classes. // If you believe your breed should be included but is showing ineligible, please reach out so I can correct the class :) // I will attempt to correct mis-placed entries, but once judging has started I will not move a horse in the wrong class. // Classes may be split at the judge's discretion.


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2023-01-16 12:00

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