OMHPS Sentimental Show - March 2024

Welcome to this small fun show to celebrate the third birthday of OMHPS! In this show we are celebrating sentimentality. Pick your most sentimental model, whether it be your first model, one that you received during special circumstances, or simply one you have the most fond memories of. It doesn't have to be the perfect model horse - breaks, scratches are no problem here - just one that has the most meaning to you!

Please be sure to share why the model is special to you in the description or reference text fields. This is a fun show and models will be picked based on the stories associated with them, not on conformation, condition, rarity, etc.

  • One entry per person
  • You must include a written description on why the model is sentimental to you
  • Model can be of any make, size, or breed
  • Have fun! This is a non-serious fun show

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Official OMHPS show


Judging in progress

2024-03-25 12:00

2024-04-15 12:00


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