Wormwood Studios' Longear Summer Skirmish

A fun, free show for all Longears, Zebroids, Exotics and Wild-Type Horses (Extinct and Extant) for all makes and sizes! Please no modern-day Domestic-Feral horses (mustangs, brumbies, etc), they will be DQ'd if mistakenly entered. Extinct prehistoric horses can be entered under the breed 'Feral Horse'.

*3 entries per class, individual models may not enter more than one class. *You must own the horses you are showing and the photos must have been taken by you (or used with permission of the photographer). No filters or photo manipulation are permitted beyond basic brightness/contrast modifications. *Please feel free to contact me if you notice any problems/errors!


Divisions 3
Sections 7
Classes 32

Private user hosted show


Judging in progress

2024-05-24 12:00

2024-06-15 12:00




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