Ukraine Benefit Show

$5 donation required for entry All proceeds go to UNICEF for aid to children Ukraine Classes placed 1-5 Section and Division Champions/Reserves will have custom digital “ribbons” Printable ribbons will also be available Divisions for artist resins, customs, OF Breyers, and other OF brands. Breed, workmanship, and Collectibility divisions.

- 2 entries per/horse (one for breed and one for workmanship/collectibility) - No maximum number of entries per class - Classes may be split at judge's discretion -If horses are entered in wrong class, I will try to catch it and place it in the correct class, but if that class has already been judged, I will have to disqualify the model -Photographs should be taken by you, unless you have permission from the artist/seller -All judge's decisions are final, but feel free to contact judge if you have any questions

This show has a private list of entrants that are allowed to enter.

Divisions 10
Sections 73
Classes 365

Private user hosted show

Judging in progress

2022-03-25 12:00 local

2022-04-25 12:00 local



AR Mini Breed


OF Collectibility

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