Haven Horse Show

Welcome to the first Haven Horse Show! A free for all model horse show for all OF Breyer and Stone models, judged by myself. Any kind of horse, be it Resin, China, ect, can enter performance. I may split the class at my discretion, either by gender or make, depending on the entries. (For example, all Stone Arabians together and all Breyer Arabians together.)

1. No Photo Editing 2. Each horse can enter 1 halter class 3. 5 entries per halter/performance/collectability classes 4. Photos must be yours or you must have permission to use it. 5. No tack unless molded to the horse in Halter classes 6. Horse names must be appropriate, same goes for photos. 7. Please give Warmbloods a breed, don't just assign "warmblood." 8. Horses can enter both collectability and Halter, as well as performance. 9. Have Fun!


Divisions 5
Sections 21
Classes 108

Private user hosted show

Judging in progress

2023-11-20 12:00

2023-11-26 11:59



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