Horses Colour My World !!

An all-halter show with a focus on colour & workmanship ⦁ Open to AR & CM's - all sizes | ⦁ Rules, Colour Descriptions, Guidelines & Terminology can all be found here: Link | ⦁ Questions? PM @ Link |

COMPLETE RULES HERE: Link ⦁ All photos must adhere to the OMHPS Image Use Policy (Link) | ⦁ CLASS LIMITS: maximum of 3 horses per entrant, per class, in all classes | ⦁ This show does not accept Fantasy/Unrealistic models (sorry! maybe for the next show🙂) | ⦁ Disclaimer: the classes provided are in no way to be interpreted as a definitive guide to horse colour and/or horse colour genetics (there are plenty of books & resources written on this sort of thing!🙂). We want to make this a fun show for everyone to enter, and have provided rudimentary definitions (Link) to help entrants determine which class to show their horses in. | ⦁ CLASS PLACINGS: 1st - 6th | ⦁ Virtual rosettes for section CH & RES | ⦁ Virtual badges for overall division CH & RES (Grand & Res Grand)


Divisions 4
Sections 8
Classes 100


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2021-06-01 12:00

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