Cowpony Parade 2021 - A Stock Specialty Showcase

This show features all Pure Stock Breeds in various model sizes. There will be no part or mixed breeds in this show, also no Decorator or Fantasy is available, ONLY Pure Stock Breeds. Three divisions are available - OF Plastic, Artist Resins, and Customs. All divisions will follow the same classlist. Each class will be judged to 6th place. Creative virtual ribbons will be awarded to 1st through 6th place winners, Section Grand Champs, as well as Division Grand Champs. Link for virtual ribbons to print: Link --- Free to enter so come showoff your STOCK models. --- Class List: 1. Stock Foals - 2. Quarter Horses - 3. Appaloosas - 4. Paints - 5. Mustangs - 6. Other Pure Stock

1. All photos must be your own, no exceptions. 2. All photos must be in color and in focus. 3. One model - one breed. Model can't enter in a different class as a different breed. 4. No props or tack is allowed in halter classes with the exception of molded on tack. 5. The judge's decision is final. 6. Please no vulgar or offense model names. 7. Have Fun!


Divisions 3
Sections 9
Classes 54


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2021-06-07 12:00

2021-07-11 12:00


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