OMHPS New Beginnings Scene Show - January 2024

Welcome to the OMHPS New Beginnings Scene Show! This is a small show for those who love to put together scenes. The theme of this show is exactly as it sounds: new beginnings. There are two classes for all makes and sizes. One is for foal-related scenes, such as a newborn foal and mom sharing a tender moment. The other is for riding-related scenes, such as a trainer reaching out to touch an un-gentled mustang or the first time a rider and horse duo are entering the show ring scene. These prompts are very open to interpretation so get creative!

There is an extended entry period for this show into the first week of February to give time to set up scenes (though you are more than welcome to use scene photos you've already created in the past).

  • 3 entries per class, per entrant
  • Be sure to include a description on your entry describing the scene. Reference photos are not required
  • Photo editing is limited to lighting/color correction only, no photoshopping in backgrounds or props
  • A single model can enter one class each - it cannot enter twice in the same class, even in two separate scenes
  • Make sure your scene is uploaded as a performance to a specific horse, otherwise you won't be able to enter it

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2024-01-01 12:00

2024-02-04 12:00


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