Valentines Schooling Show

Hello! This is a different kind of show for me. All horses entered in this show cannot have ever won a ribbon! I will also be giving feedback for every horse entered. This Halter show is for OF models only and is for Large scales only. There will be tons of breed classes! Judging criteria are as follows: Clear, well lit photos, no tack, background should be non distracting and can be a cloth or realistic background BUT realistic background should be to scale and not distracting, no hang tags on models, breed accuracy.

1. Understand this show will take me a while to judge with all the feedback I will be giving. Be patient! I have a job and can't judge all day every day. 2. Max 3 horses per person per class. If you enter more, all will be DQ. 3. Ensure you're entering the right breed class. Incorrect will be DQ. 4. My feedback is my opinion, whether you decide you want to follow it or not is up to you, many people have different preferences for judging. I am still rather new to this. 5. Do not enter horses in multiple breed classes, 1 breed class per horse. If your horse is a cross, choose the class that fits best. 6. Foals go in foal classes. Including Fantasy/Longear foals (Other Foals). 7. Horses will be checked for ribbons, if they have ANY ribbons won they will be DQed. DO NOT ENTER if you know they have ribbons!! 8. Classes over 20 entries will be split in half randomly.

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Sections 10
Classes 122

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2023-01-28 12:00

2023-02-28 12:00



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