Tanja's Horse

Fin Fin
Artist Resin
Shetland Pony
1:32 Scale
Year introduced
Year retired
Mixed Media

Fin Fin

Finwick by Morgen Kilbourn, painted by Josine Vingerling to a fleabitten grey.


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Ongoing Competition Entries
Type Show Competition Total entries in class
Class (halter) Sempre Stables Photo Show British 138
Class (halter) Local Landmarks Other UK Pony 29
Class (workmanship) Local Landmarks Light Grey 26
Class (halter) The Reindeer Bash British Ponies 46

Show Records
Date Show Horse Class Section Division Placing(s) Total entries in class Judge's Comment(s)
2021-09-27 Pantry Party Fin Fin Other UK Pony (halter) DNP  28
2021-11-04 Pantry Party Fin Fin Light Grey (workmanship) DNP  27
2021-10-29 Back 2 Skool Fin Fin Other UK Pony (halter) Class 3rd  31
2021-10-11 Back 2 Skool Fin Fin Gray (workmanship) DNP  40
2021-09-28 "Another Name For Pony" Photo Show Fin Fin AR Color - OTHER DILUTE & OTHER (workmanship) Class 3rd  11
2021-09-28 "Another Name For Pony" Photo Show Fin Fin Scottish Ponies (halter) DNP  30
2021-09-01 Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2021 Fin Fin British Native Pony (halter) DNP  61
2021-08-16 4th of July Jamboree Fin Fin British/UK Pony (halter) DNP  14
2021-07-27 My Lovely Equine Online Fin Fin British and Irish Native (halter) Class 3rd  11
2021-08-15 Art of the Horse II - The Peter Stone Company Online Model Horse Show - 2021 Fin Fin 727. Pony Breeds (halter) DNP  27
2021-07-11 Meadow Creek Summer Splash Fin Fin 108. UK/British Pony (halter) DNP  17
2021-07-01 Kiwi Spectacular Fin Fin 52. Grey (halter) DNP  75
2021-07-03 Kiwi Spectacular Fin Fin 33. UK Pony (halter) Class 4th  61
2021-06-03 8-Bit Show Series Fin Fin British Ponies - Solid (halter) Class 3rd  27
2021-06-15 Chestnut Ridge Test Photoshow Fin Fin British Pony (halter) DNP  56
2021-06-22 Horses Colour My World !! Fin Fin White/Light Grey (halter) DNP  29
2021-06-01 Summer Kickoff Photo Show Fin Fin British/UK Pony (halter) DNP  62
2021-05-29 Maple Leaf International Fin Fin British Ponies (halter) Class 6th  51
2021-04-24 Emu Extravaganza Fin Fin British Pony (halter) Pony (halter) Class 2nd  | DNP  41
2021-04-23 OMHPS Mini Spring Fling Show Fin Fin British Ponies (halter) Class 8th  36
2021-04-15 April Showers Fin Fin 3. UK Pony (halter) DNP  31
2021-11-27 OMHPS Resin Round-Up - November 2021 Fin Fin 4. Gray (workmanship) DNP  73
2021-10-08 Riverwolf's Photo Show Fin Fin Mountain & moor ponys (halter) Class 7th  25
2021-08-14 Breyerfest Blast Fin Fin UK Pony (halter) DNP  93
2021-10-12 Field of Dolls Online Fall Show Fin Fin 37. AR/CM Pony/Miniature (halter) DNP  109
2021-11-28 OMHPS Resin Round-Up - November 2021 Fin Fin 30. UK Ponies (halter) Class 6th  38
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