Class (halter) - Other Draft Breed

Other Draft Breed
Breyer OF
American Stables Halter Show

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer, Original Finish Resin, Cold Painted China, Original Finish Copperfox, Original Finish Plastic Other, Artist Resin, Custom Glaze China, Original Finish Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari), Clay, Custom Factory Resin, Original Finish China, Other Make, Original Finish Stone, Custom Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari), Crystal, Custom Plastic, Metal, Latex, Wood, Medallion
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
Drum Horse, Australian Draught, Grade Draft
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:12 Scale, Medallion, 1:32 Scale, 1:6 Scale, 1:18 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Jenny, Mare, Stallion, Colt, Female, Filly, John, Male, Molly, Gelding, Jack
Strict genders: Yes



Max entries per user: 3
Callbacks: 2

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
Dasha SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Mozzie SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Choc A Bloc SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Stars Blue Yonder Zialander 2021-09-14
Eurovision Chriswallbruch 2021-08-31
Liam Chriswallbruch 2021-08-31
Spot On Cyhyraeth 2021-08-31
THS Port of Call trotting_hooves_studios 2021-08-27

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