Class (halter) - Other Pure Stock

Other Pure Stock
OF Breyer
Shamrock Stables Fall Photo Show

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer, Original Finish Resin, Cold Painted China, Original Finish Copperfox, Original Finish Plastic Other, Artist Resin, Custom Glaze China, Original Finish Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari), Clay, Custom Factory Resin, Original Finish China, Other Make, Original Finish Stone, Custom Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari), Crystal, Custom Plastic, Metal, Latex, Wood, Medallion
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
Grade Stock, American White Horse, Pryor Mountain Mustang, American Mustang , Australian Stock Horse, Australian Brumby, Bashkir Curly, Canadian Cutting Horse, Suffield Mustang, Pintaloosa, American Indian Horse, Cerbat Mustang
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:12 Scale, Medallion, 1:32 Scale, 1:6 Scale, 1:18 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Jenny, Mare, Stallion, Colt, Female, Filly, John, Male, Molly, Gelding, Jack
Strict genders: Yes



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Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
Fireheart MalikaModelhorse 2021-09-20
Toro MalikaModelhorse 2021-09-20
GVS Jigsaw Puzzle GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
GVS Sharp Dressed Man GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
GVS The Demon Ate My Soul GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
END Strawberry Chocolate Bar Endless 2021-09-19
Dust in The Wind Naomithewolf 2021-09-19
Born in the U.S.A. dashesndots 2021-09-19
Greased Lightning dashesndots 2021-09-19
Bailamos dashesndots 2021-09-19
Cody Creek Zialander 2021-09-18
Descaro Run Zialander 2021-09-18
Ghosts of Mars Zialander 2021-09-18
RM.Kocoum RachaelM 2021-09-18
Armagenddon Bettadragon 2021-09-17
Hades' Heart etherealbreyer 2021-09-17
Sedona etherealbreyer 2021-09-17
Wolfharde etherealbreyer 2021-09-17
Texas Ranger sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Black Void sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Torrent of Fire sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Winning Card grace_b 2021-09-16
Applause Please grace_b 2021-09-16
Hard to Please grace_b 2021-09-16
HHSS Dynamo HunterHillsShowStables 2021-09-15
Native Jewel lily 2021-09-15
Vegemite kramerk 2021-09-14
Snickerdoodle kramerk 2021-09-14
FLC Unbreakable Spirit megansmodels.IPSL 2021-09-14
FLC Blue-Eyed Blondie megansmodels.IPSL 2021-09-14
FLC GnR Welcome to the Jungle megansmodels.IPSL 2021-09-14
Unchained RedWood 2021-09-13
Elvis RedWood 2021-09-13
Silver Shadow RedWood 2021-09-13
TPS Dreamtime melf1987 2021-09-13
TPS Desert Fox melf1987 2021-09-13
TPS Acca Dacca melf1987 2021-09-13
How Bout at Midnight Claire 2021-09-12
Saturday Night Splash Claire 2021-09-12
Trixie's Rockin' McCue Claire 2021-09-12
DBB Naughty Nellie ponyshort 2021-09-12
DBB Issaquah Sunrise ponyshort 2021-09-12
DBB Daniel's Boy ponyshort 2021-09-12
All Out of Bubblegum BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Lagras BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Highly Explosive BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Pheonix Heart KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
Vernissage KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
Be My Barrister KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
Spun Silver Shadowhawke 2021-09-12
Playboy Bunny EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Phoenix EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Modest Proposal EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Love Me Normally RockyMountainFarms 2021-09-11
Summer Sunlight Xx_Midnighthorses_xX 2021-09-11
Don't Trust Bob stacey 2021-09-11
Sunny Afternoon stacey 2021-09-11
Catching Stars Celine8660 2021-09-11
KIS Rise of the Phoenix fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
Fizzle My Shizzle fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
KIS Change for Coffee fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
Meet Me At Midnight RockyMountainFarms 2021-09-11
Checkers VioletStarStables 2021-09-10
Thora VioletStarStables 2021-09-10
Hometown Glory Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Gunsmoke Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Roses and Revolutions Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Aphrodite Breyermodelgirl99 2021-09-10
Phoenix MartyWells 2021-09-10
Double O Seven Bettadragon 2021-09-10
HAL 9000 Bettadragon 2021-09-10
All Tomorrows witchimage 2021-09-10
Uroko witchimage 2021-09-10
Buttermilk Blue witchimage 2021-09-10
Buck-A-Roo Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
One Dull Spot Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
Blue Song Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
Trox Cyhyraeth 2021-09-10
Liam II Cyhyraeth 2021-09-10
Miigwan Cyhyraeth 2021-09-10
Comic Strip madd04y 2021-09-10
Peaches and Cream modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
The Night We Met modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
Afterglow modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
Kentucky Goldenrod SempreStables 2021-09-09
Victory Lap EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Got Me So Dark Blue EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Dappelgänger EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Dark Mystery Gallopingheart_studious 2021-09-09
Fuego Rojo Gallopingheart_studious 2021-09-09
Diva of the West Gallopingheart_studious 2021-09-09
Kaya TiMe 2021-09-09
Acuatico TiMe 2021-09-09
Fuego TiMe 2021-09-09
Hal About That MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09
Redcliffe MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09
High Note MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09

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