Class (halter) - Other Pure Gaited

Other Pure Gaited
Breyer OF
American Stables Halter Show

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
Soulon Tiger Horse, Tennuvian, Walkaloosa, Mountain Pleasure Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, North American Single-Footer, Deliboz  , Virginia Highlander, McCurdy Plantation Horse, Grade Gaited, Rocky Mountain Horse, Racking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Aegidienberger, Tiger Horse, Kentucky Saddle Horse
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:12 Scale, Medallion, 1:32 Scale, 1:6 Scale, 1:18 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Jenny, Mare, Stallion, Colt, Female, Filly, John, Male, Molly, Gelding, Jack
Strict genders: Yes



Max entries per user: 3
Callbacks: 2

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
Flashdance Naomithewolf 2021-09-19
I Want Candy Naomithewolf 2021-09-19
Better Check Twice EricaSD89 2021-09-18
Romulus EricaSD89 2021-09-18
Not That Innocent EricaSD89 2021-09-18
MoneyPenny SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Miss Woodford SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Event Horizon SunshinePony 2021-09-16
Tippecanoe kramerk 2021-09-14
Gatsby kramerk 2021-09-14
Poseidon bmd 2021-09-13
The Gray Gubler modelhorselovee 2021-09-10
Chocolate Wasted modelhorselovee 2021-09-10
Arizona modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
Highwayman Cyhyraeth 2021-09-08
Samba Trina 2021-09-07
CR Cedar birdsviewgal 2021-09-06
CR Rambler Mary Sue birdsviewgal 2021-09-06
Wyatt MartyWells 2021-09-06
Jafaro MartyWells 2021-09-06
Saudade KammieFenwick 2021-09-05
Paint it Red KammieFenwick 2021-09-05
Fool's Gold BlasIwan 2021-09-05
Hide The Wine wwelektra 2021-09-04
BES Simply ✨Vibing✨ BurningEmbers 2021-09-02
GVS Echo's Forbidden Outback GrandviewStables 2021-09-02
GVS Another Chance GrandviewStables 2021-09-02
GVS Trekking Through the Outback GrandviewStables 2021-09-02
No Halo red.kelpie 2021-09-01
Seiko Chriswallbruch 2021-08-31
Missouri Heat Chriswallbruch 2021-08-31
Ja Ja Ding Dong Chriswallbruch 2021-08-31
KD10 VALE RIO DandiKandi 2021-08-31
KD10 TENNESSEE TITAN DandiKandi 2021-08-31
Little Brother madd04y 2021-08-30
DBB Pride of Jefferson ponyshort 2021-08-30
DBB Elegant Gent ponyshort 2021-08-30
What in the World Claire 2021-08-30
Pawprints cassiem 2021-08-30
For Fox Sake cassiem 2021-08-30
Whitsundays cassiem 2021-08-30
CSS Hidden Myths kmacintyre14 2021-08-30
CSS Foxtrot Alley kmacintyre14 2021-08-30
CSS Dark Promise kmacintyre14 2021-08-30
Loan Ranger MistyMtnRanch 2021-08-29
Bastian MistyMtnRanch 2021-08-29
Golden Ace MistyMtnRanch 2021-08-29
Sky Of Blue Champagnehorses 2021-08-29
Lexington Green gglover 2021-08-29
Toot Sweet gglover 2021-08-29
Heavy Metal dashesndots 2021-08-27
Jungle Love dashesndots 2021-08-27
THS Caramel Cookie trotting_hooves_studios 2021-08-27
Black Jack Jones Lacey-Lab 2021-08-27
Morning Jazz TiMe 2021-08-27
Conquistador TiMe 2021-08-27
A (Dot) Ham Corrupted__Studios 2021-08-27
Dancing On Stardust EquusRuss 2021-08-27
Wisky Tango Foxtrot EquusRuss 2021-08-27
Dusty Moon Celine8660 2021-08-27
Spotted Lou Lou Kitty 2021-08-27
Catalina Step Kitty 2021-08-27
Glitter'n'Gold Kitty 2021-08-27
Zippo VioletStarStables 2021-08-27

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