Class 4. Stock Breeds

4. Stock Breeds
Original Finish Rubber
Radiant Rubbers Show
OMHPS Radiant Rubbers Show - June 2021

Competing makes
Original Finish Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari), Custom Rubber (Schleich/CollectA/Safari)

Competing breeds
Lac La Croix Indian Pony, Canadian Chilcotin Horse, Appaloosa, Appendix Quarter Horse, North American Curly Horse, Grade Stock, Cayuse, American White Horse, Nokota, Choctaw, American Mustang , Australian Stock Horse, Paint Horse, Australian Brumby, Quarter Horse, Bashkir Curly, Canadian Cutting Horse, Pintaloosa, Moyle, American Indian Horse, Colorado Ranger, Cerbat Mustang

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:12 Scale, Medallion, 1:32 Scale, 1:6 Scale, 1:18 Scale

Competing genders
Mare, Stallion, Gelding


Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
Splash mockingjaymodels 2021-06-15
Neptune mockingjaymodels 2021-06-15
Latte mockingjaymodels 2021-06-15
Enchanted Flame mockingjaymodels 2021-06-15
Midnight Fury mockingjaymodels 2021-06-15
Wapiti Showmyqh 2021-06-14
One Smart Cat Showmyqh 2021-06-14
FLAMING STAR SundayStables 2021-06-13
Now Or Never Calico brokenriverranch 2021-06-12
Spots In The Dark brokenriverranch 2021-06-12
Summer Love brokenriverranch 2021-06-12
Tajowa brokenriverranch 2021-06-11
FVF Gabriella's Fantasy jlvennerstudios 2021-06-10
FVF Ranger Girl jlvennerstudios 2021-06-10
Blackhills Marshmallow fmd 2021-06-09
Blackhills Clover fmd 2021-06-09
Blackhills Domingo fmd 2021-06-09
Blackhills Tango fmd 2021-06-09
Blackhills Intrigue fmd 2021-06-09
Sagebrush Sally appaloosa 2021-06-09
Pawnee Belle Chriswallbruch 2021-06-07
Loco Lucky Penneybrooke 2021-06-04
Pitjara equinecltr 2021-06-03
Bulloo equinecltr 2021-06-03
Quantum Rush equinecltr 2021-06-03
Last Chance Cyhyraeth 2021-06-02
What A Dot Cyhyraeth 2021-06-02
Tuatahi Cyhyraeth 2021-06-02
Last Dollar Cyhyraeth 2021-06-02
Dream Again Cyhyraeth 2021-06-02
CRS Lyra diamondsareforever 2021-06-02
CRS Hippogriff diamondsareforever 2021-06-02
CRS White Wilderness diamondsareforever 2021-06-02
CRS Ivan Denisovich diamondsareforever 2021-06-02
CRS Apple Jack diamondsareforever 2021-06-02
SKS Brooklyn 99 skewbaldstudios 2021-06-02
SKS Dilemma skewbaldstudios 2021-06-02
Coyote Three Feathers Penneybrooke 2021-06-01
KD10 ROHNER DandiKandi 2021-06-01
Chocolate Whisper TiMe 2021-06-01
R. Misty TiMe 2021-06-01
Luna TiMe 2021-06-01
GVS Xango GrandviewStables 2021-06-01
GVS Up In Space GrandviewStables 2021-06-01
On With Jon Celine8660 2021-06-01

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