Class (halter) - British Pony

British Pony
OF Breyer
Shamrock Stables Fall Photo Show

Competing makes
Original Finish Breyer
Strict makes: Yes

Competing breeds
Welsh Sec. X, Welsh Sec. B, Kerry Bog Pony, Eriskay Pony, Dales Pony, Welsh Sec. D, Partbred Welsh, British Show Pony, British Spotted Pony, Hackney Pony, Dartmoor Hill Pony, Welsh Sec. C, Welsh Sec. A, Highland Pony, Connemara Pony, Show Hunter Pony, Working Hunter Pony, Fell Pony, Welsh Pony/Cob, Lundy Pony, Carneddau Pony, Cob Pony, Exmoor Pony, British Riding Pony, New Forest Pony, Shetland Pony, Dartmoor Pony
Strict breeds: Yes

Competing sizes
1:9 Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:12 Scale, Medallion, 1:32 Scale, 1:6 Scale, 1:18 Scale
Strict sizes: Yes

Competing genders
Jenny, Mare, Stallion, Colt, Female, Filly, John, Male, Molly, Gelding, Jack
Strict genders: Yes



Max entries per user: 3
Callbacks: 0

Class Entries
Horse Owner Date
Double Trouble Chriswallbruch 2021-09-26
Barmbrack Chriswallbruch 2021-09-26
LOS Book Keeper Little.Owl 2021-09-26
LOS Pick'N'Mix Little.Owl 2021-09-26
LOS One Dynamite Boy Little.Owl 2021-09-26
Moody Judy SunshinePony 2021-09-24
Cricket SunshinePony 2021-09-24
Winter Birds SunshinePony 2021-09-24
Mr. Bubblegum Okapeep 2021-09-23
Diana KagGuen80 2021-09-23
Ashbourne RosemontPark 2021-09-22
Bryn RosemontPark 2021-09-22
Hotspur RosemontPark 2021-09-22
Rhiana Simbeck 2021-09-21
RS Lightning Bug riverstone.stables 2021-09-21
RS Oleander riverstone.stables 2021-09-21
RS First Frost riverstone.stables 2021-09-21
Ardelia Trina 2021-09-20
OMH Party Boy oceanic.modelhorses 2021-09-20
OMH Berry Good Time oceanic.modelhorses 2021-09-20
KD10 ALMOST GOT IT ARRAN DandiKandi 2021-09-20
KD10 BONNIE HEATHER DandiKandi 2021-09-20
KD10 ROBIN HOOD DandiKandi 2021-09-20
Fair Play TDF 2021-09-20
Storm Step TDF 2021-09-20
Maggie TDF 2021-09-20
GVS Maximum Credit GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
GVS Gangsters in Las Vegas GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
GVS Like I'm Gonna Lose You GrandviewStables 2021-09-19
Luna LThorses 2021-09-19
Magnum LThorses 2021-09-19
Kyrie dashesndots 2021-09-18
Candy Girl dashesndots 2021-09-18
Groove is in the Heart dashesndots 2021-09-18
Pacific Signature J JackpotStud 2021-09-16
Bodil JackpotStud 2021-09-16
Dark Cinder sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Maple Sugar Dot Com sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Harmonious Darkness sarahbscott 2021-09-16
Theia Nyxnightstudios 2021-09-16
END Too EZ Endless 2021-09-16
END Vanilla Endless 2021-09-16
Enchanted Flight grace_b 2021-09-16
Lake Vesuvius Trina 2021-09-16
HHSS Ballou HunterHillsShowStables 2021-09-15
HHSS Cherry On Top! HunterHillsShowStables 2021-09-15
On Top of the World lily 2021-09-15
Gingerlily lily 2021-09-15
Sriracha Rose lily 2021-09-15
The Lawrence Trina 2021-09-14
Angharad kramerk 2021-09-14
Daffyd kramerk 2021-09-14
FLC The Ice King megansmodels.IPSL 2021-09-14
RM.Juniper RachaelM 2021-09-13
Morse Code RedWood 2021-09-13
Two Step RedWood 2021-09-13
Shoo Fly Pie RedWood 2021-09-13
Cosmic Stardust melf1987 2021-09-13
Eira melf1987 2021-09-13
TPS Lah Dee Dah melf1987 2021-09-13
Top Secret Trace Claire 2021-09-12
British Tea Time Claire 2021-09-12
Daisy of the Valley Claire 2021-09-12
DBB Ken Worth Boi ponyshort 2021-09-12
DBB Frederick ponyshort 2021-09-12
DBB Steppin' Fancy ponyshort 2021-09-12
Dawnstar BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Alustriel BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Freya BlasIwan 2021-09-12
Hiraeth KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
BLS Finnegan KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
Ansel KammieFenwick 2021-09-12
Highmark Emperor EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Alohoramora EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Ginger Snap EricaSD89 2021-09-11
Black Magic Clara 2021-09-11
Grace Clara 2021-09-11
Wren Clara 2021-09-11
Sylvester stacey 2021-09-11
Fool's Errand stacey 2021-09-11
Otis Wilbury stacey 2021-09-11
Espresso Bean Celine8660 2021-09-11
KIS Bad Hair Day fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
KIS Kiss Me, I'm Irish fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
KIS Kodiak Island Express fluffy.malamute.studios 2021-09-11
Laced In Envy RockyMountainFarms 2021-09-11
Late To The Party RockyMountainFarms 2021-09-11
Blitz VioletStarStables 2021-09-10
Pantomime dogbone 2021-09-10
Liseters Fairy Tale dogbone 2021-09-10
Willy Nilly dogbone 2021-09-10
Gaius Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Snowball Fight Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Astrid Lacey-Lab 2021-09-10
Arran Seefeldstudio 2021-09-10
Strawberry Cheesecake witchimage 2021-09-10
Gimli witchimage 2021-09-10
Bring The change EHawk 2021-09-10
Pink Sky Bombs Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
Christmas Icicle Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
Founder Ashlynla7 2021-09-10
Croi Damsha Cyhyraeth 2021-09-10
M&M's Gold Rush madd04y 2021-09-10
Where the Wild Things Are madd04y 2021-09-10
Katerin madd04y 2021-09-10
Sushi modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
Sugar Baby modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
Dorothea modelhorselovee 2021-09-09
LNR Head Strong twinkletoes03 2021-09-09
LNR Blue Moon twinkletoes03 2021-09-09
LNR Dance The Night Away twinkletoes03 2021-09-09
Eastmarch red.kelpie 2021-09-09
Gold Dust Woman red.kelpie 2021-09-09
L’ange Déchu red.kelpie 2021-09-09
Burnt Biscotti SempreStables 2021-09-09
Hologram Horse SempreStables 2021-09-09
Spot Marks The X EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Man With A Plan EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Triple X EquusRuss 2021-09-09
Flying Thunder Boy Gallopingheart_studious 2021-09-09
Fearless TiMe 2021-09-09
Treasure TiMe 2021-09-09
Lúthien TiMe 2021-09-09
Klondike MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09
Skedaddle MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09
Hot Shot MistyMtnRanch 2021-09-09
BES Ari BurningEmbers 2021-09-09
BES NeverTickleASleepingDragon BurningEmbers 2021-09-09
BES Shades of Beige BurningEmbers 2021-09-09
Golden Nugget l.ulrich 2021-09-09

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