Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2021

Hello and welcome to the Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2021. This show is free to enter and is open to all members of OMHPS. We have a variety of prizes available (international winners (non-UK) will be responsible for postage on their prizes). IMPORTANT NOTE: SUPREME CHAMPIONS WILL BE RELEASED VIA THE CHESTNUT RIDGE FACEBOOK PAGE AFTER THE SHOW!!! For full details please see the show document here: Link

Please see the file for full rules (they are also copied afterwards): Link : • Maximum 3 entries per class per person • You must have taken the photograph yourself • You must own the model in the photograph • Entries will not be accepted in any way other than OMHPS • Prizes are non-exchangeable • International entrants are responsible for postage to receive prizes • No more than one horse in each photograph in breed classes • Horses should be shown without tack in breed, headcollars or stallion sets are OK • The judge’s decision is final • Show is run under UK rules as to where horses should be shown – watch out for purebreds in partbred classes! • Riders are mandatory in all performance classes with the exception of scene where not appropriate

Divisions 6
Sections 27
Classes 195


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2021-07-26 12:00

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