Summer Kickoff Photo Show

Welcome to the Summer Kickoff photo show! Summer is among us and I think we all deserve a well deserved break from the difficult year we've probably all had. Let's start this summer right and have some fun with a photo show! The show is only for OF Breyer (Traditionals/Classics and Minis) as well as Custom Breyer and Artist Resins (Traditionals/ Classic, and Minis). There are also a few summery themed fun classes! I hope everyone has fun and has an amazing start to their summer!

-3 entries per model -No tack or props unless molded onto model -Judges decisions are final -This show is ONLY for Breyers (Traditionals, Classics, Stablemates, and Customs) and Artists Resins. No Schleichs/Collect As or Peter Stones -3 entries per horse (allows for 1 regular and 2 fun classes) -Have fun!

Divisions 6
Sections 36
Classes 200


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2021-05-01 12:00

2021-05-31 12:00



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